Top 10 Living Room TV Mounting Ideas

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Do you want to make your living room more stylish by using the best living room TV mounting ideas? The enormous black screen that we all rely on to watch the newest TV episodes might be challenging to fit into your living room without seeming like an afterthought. Especially if you’ve gone all out and purchased a 65-inch or more giant television.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the favourite living room tv mounting ideas that the best interior designers use to elevate the look of your living room, whether it’s hiding it behind a bookcase or panel or proudly displaying it for all to see in all of its Netflix-gushing splendour. 

Embrace your screen size and style

The most excellent approach to making a TV in a living room seem attractive is choosing the proper TV. The best thing to embrace the TV and make it seem like it’s an intrinsic part of the design. To get the best viewing angle, TV fans like to put their box in the centre of the room. This internal reorganization allows you to envision a new living room feature wall with the TV in the centre.

Balance out the look

There’s a lot to be said for balance when designing a place that’s pleasing to the eye and relaxing to be in. When creating a space that incorporates a TV, it’s a good idea to use shelves, joinery, or artwork to balance out the proportions of the TV. To make a fashionable display, surround your television with a varied collection of art pieces. Then, as if the rectangular form is merely another piece of labour to fit into the mix, throw your TV into the mix.

Use sliding doors to hide and reveal your tv

If you put the TV within a closed armoire or a sliding door enclosure, you’ll be able to hide it while it’s not in use. Furthermore, it allows you to create more space and give the area a more fundamental sense. Sliding doors are helpful for hiding and revealing your TV as needed, as well as concealing all of the cords that come with it.

Select an attractive tv stand

If you can’t wall mount or hide your TV, embrace its angular shape and locate fixtures and fittings to complement it in style. Online, you’ll discover a broad selection of TV stands and media units that will help you merge your TV into the decor – as if it were always supposed to be part of the furniture. It’s crucial to consider the height of a TV concerning where you’ll be watching it while placing it. While seated, keep the centre of your TV at eye level. 

Surround with built-in shelving

An eye-catching media centre has a TV surrounded by built-in shelves. Adding shelves to exhibit artwork can help break up the ‘boxy’ vibe that the TV currently has. To get around this, you’ll want to avoid adding any other square patterns. Shelving might also serve to break up the monotony of the square. With this option, you can add some colour and personality to the area by using books, art, odd things, and plants to fill it with more than just a blank box.

Distract from the TV

If you keep the rest of the walls bare, your TV unit may be a piece of artwork. The bright colours, varied textures, and bleached wood panelling assist in detracting from the television. Place your television on a unit such as a bookcase and surround it with books, artefacts, and photos to make it part of your décor. Show how bookshelves stacked high with all of your favourite books can bring beauty to a space while softening the harsh visual impact of a black TV.


You may show off your style and décor surrounding the TV by installing built-in cabinets with open-faced displays. It will also provide storage. Books, sculptures, movie collections, paintings, and any other form of self-expression are all acceptable. At the same time, room for storage is created. Notable, isn’t it?

Add an attractive and well-planned media unit

If adequately designed to blend with the surrounding décor, a well-planned media unit may create a striking style statement when displaying your TV in your living room. Even if it is a giant screen, it should not be the sole noticeable element on the wall. Display artwork, family pictures, plants, antiques, and other decorations on the mantel or a line of shelves along the wall above or below. Choose at least one or two large-scale objects to balance the size of the television.

Recess your TV into the wall 

Installing a flat-screen TV in the wall or into joinery may be elegant and create a clean, clutter-free environment. It helps to make the TV feel less imposing and gives it a trendy, sophisticated appeal by recessing it. A simple tiny living room TV concept is to paint the wall on which the TV is installed darkly. By blending it into the backdrop, a deep navy or velvety black will make your TV less of a focal point. Add colour, texture, and style to the area around the TV by placing shelves or built-in storage around it.

When it comes to how to mount your TV on the living room wall to look attractive, you have got several options. You can create a gallery wall, place your TV in a bookshelf, decorate the space surrounding the TV with objects, art and plants, and more. 

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