Nasopharyngeal Swab Kit: Covid-19 Testing Medical Kit

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Nasopharyngeal Swab Kit: Covid-19 Testing Medical Kit

Nasopharyngeal swab kit is a medical kit used for testing covid-19 infected patients. It contains some medical requisites helpful in covid-19 testing. This kit should be stored at 2 to 25 degrees Celsius until use. If a person has been infected with covid-19, there are two tests to find whether that person is infected with covid-19 or not. The two tests are the Oropharyngeal throat test and nasopharyngeal swab test. We use swabs to perform these tests. 1 swab stick to 3 orifices for better viral load yield. Oropharyngeal throat test is performed initially. The patient shouldn’t have any ear, nose, throat condition to perform this test. If the patient had any facial or nose surgery, he has to consult a doctor before performing this test. The patient shouldn’t have epitasis conditions. We can perform these tests on our own if we have enough knowledge about testing.

Performing Nasopharyngeal Swab for Covid-19

Consult the doctor before collection procedure if the patient has the following issues

Consult the doctor
  • Facial or nose surgery
  • Ear, nose, throat conditions (ENT conditions)
  • The base of skull fracture
  • Tran sphenoidal Pituitary Operations                                
  • Epitasis conditions
  • Nasopharyngeal carcinoma


  • Sterile Flocked Swab (Flexible)
  • Sterile Universal Transport Medium (UTM)

Procedure for Nasopharyngeal Swab for Covid-19

  1. Measure the length of the swab to be inserted Nasopharynx before the procedure. Estimate the distance from the entrance of the nostril to the front of the ear.
  2. Insert the swab parallel to the palate towards the region between the tragus and earlobe. Do not direct upwards as the swab may insert to inferior turbinate and cause pain.
  3. Insertion technique: Don require PEE before the procedure
  • Raise the tip of the nose with a non-dominant hand. This may allow a better view of the floor of the nasal passage.
  • Enter the swap into the nose gently. Insert the swab into the nostril parallel to the palate.
  • Direct the swab inwards along the floor of the nasal passage.
  1. Hold the swab parallel from the entrance of the nose to the front of the ear. Stop advancing when resistance is felt.
  2. Gently rotate swab. Hold swab for 5 to 10 sec to allow absorption of secretions
  3. Repeat the step for the next nostril with the same swab.

Breaking of flocked swab stick

Nasopharyngeal Swab Kit
  • Insert the swab stick into the UTM used for or pharyngeal swab.
  • Break the swab stick at the real constriction away from the procedure.
  • Ensure the container is closed tightly

No-breaking of flocked swab stick

TTSH and NCID adopt the No-breaking of swab sticks method to facilitate automated pipetting.

  • Uncap the UTM bottle.
  • Insert and swirl the swab against the beads at the base of the bottle.
  • And against the sides of the UTM bottle for about 10 seconds.
  • Carefully remove the swab without flicking and discard.
  • Ensure the container is closed tightly.
  • Dispatch the UTM bottle according to the specimen bottle according to hospital policy.


Nasopharyngeal Swab Kit
  1. The patient should blow his/her nose to clear the nasal passage before the procedure
  2. Remove the swab without touching any external parts of the patient.
  3. Ensure the container is closed tightly after performing the test.
  4. Make sure to wear hand gloves and a mask.
  5. A person who tests the patient should wear an apron, mask and should sanitize his/her hands.

Points to be noted:

  • If the nasal or nasopharyngeal swab is contraindicated.
  • In this case, a sputum or throat swab is an alternative.
  • If a patient has a one-sided blocked nose.
  • In this case, perform a swab on the non-affected side of the nostril.
  • Escalate to the doctor if having difficulties collecting the specimen.
  • Stop the procedure when there are any signs of bleeding.


Nasopharyngeal swab kit mainly consists of two requisites. They are flexible sterile flocked swab and Sterile Universal Transport Medium. Nasopharyngeal swab test is one of the important covid-19 tests. The swab is supposed to rub to your nasopharynx. This kit consists of the requisites and we can buy this nasopharyngeal swab kit at the hospital or medical shops. We have to perform the prescribed procedure using nasopharyngeal swab kit. After performing the test, we have to insert that swap into the UTM bottle. This is classified into two types. They are breaking off the flocked swab and No-breaking of the flocked swab. If you find any signs of bleeding, you have to stop the testing process.

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