How do New Technology Devices Help in Exhibition Success?

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How do New Technology Devices help in Exhibition Success?

Technology is the main thing that contributes to engaging visitors to your exhibition stand success. With the presenter of modern technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual reality finding their way in the exhibition industry, finding the right and relevant technology can be staggering. The article covers the relevant technologies that have found their way into the hands of marketers. You can check out the list of some of the great technologies that are pliable to fit the exhibition stand designs.

  1. Projection-Mapping 

This technology has already been in demand and use by brands and advertisers. Being a form of augmented spatial reality, it executes the 3D visual projection on a 3D surface. The projection can be anything which a brand desires from simple to entire landscapes. What makes project mapping unique is its ability to fit the dimension as well as the size of the surface on which it gets projected.

The technology gets used by advertisers for creating optical visions like the illusion of movement into static objects. This, when combined with audiovisual services feedback, it creates an immersive experience for the customers at the booth. Unlike Augmented Reality and virtual reality, it is not limited to handheld technology and requires no investment in the visitor parts. A uniquely shared social experience among visitors! 

  1. Virtual Walls 

The walls having motion sensors will mutate your booth walls into an interactive experience for the visitors. With the use of LED and projector screens, you can create a digital portrait for your visitors. 

Have a look at the uses of virtual wall:

  • It can be used to write messages, draw, or playing games of touch and tap by the visitors.
  • An engaging creative side for the users by doing the activities that the company has to offer. 

Virtual walls are capable of delivering a fun experience to the visitors in a fascinating way. Impressive technology for marketers!

  1. Collective Flooring

Flooring is one of the least thought-out facets when it comes to the exhibition booth. But this can be transformed into the most interactive part of your booth. How this can be done is by installing cube-shaped LED lights with proximity sensors that are capable of picking up the movements. With this, you can change the colors of the floor whenever a visitor steps in. This responsive LED flooring at your exhibition booth will amaze your visitors. What more can be done is organizing the creative activities to engage the visitors. 

  1. Beacons 

Those who are not aware of the term, beacons are small wireless transmitters that send out radio signals to the Bluetooth-enabled devices within their nearby area. Common examples can be smartwatches, Smartphones, or tablets. Each of the beacons sends broadcasts a unique ID number to a smart device which signals the smart device that the specific beacon fits a particular brand. How does a beacon reach out to the visitor? This depends on the program that is being put into the beacon. It can be offering promotion codes, discount coupons, or any deals. A visitor will be able to sail to their desired exhibition stand. Beacons are considered as a marketing tool and help the show organizers to connect with attendees and collect feedback for making improvements in the experience of visitors. A terrific opportunity for exhibitors to create personalized messages!

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality  

Augmented reality and virtual reality have eternal options to engage visitors with your brand with audio-visual meaning features. This technology-enabled hardware allows you to create a 3D experience for an event or location. The next level of visitor engagement for your visitors! What can be done with AR and VR are product demonstrations, AR photo booths, and gamification. The big vehicles can be showcased with both AR and VR and make the visitor interact with the product easily. You can also take a step towards engagement by organizing an educational game for the customers. Next is the photo booth that organizes an advanced facial recognition, where the visitor sees themselves in a reflection intensified with additional effects. A virtual mirror is a new way to get your brand advertised.

  1. Digital Display 

By combining the technologies like motion-sensing LCD screens and interactive mirror screens, a digital display for product presentation can be created. A digital display can be twisted in real-time, with the change in its color and sound made by it. Thus, the visitors will be thrilled by the fresh and dynamic display. There are different types of technologies that you can use as a digital display. It includes digital glass and a transparent LCD screen. Talking about digital glass with multi-touch capability, the large screen can be used for product display, just like a digital representation. When it comes to the LCD screen, it acts as a digital overlay for the real products of the brand.

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