7 Major Challenges Students Face While Writing a Dissertation

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Preparing a dissertation is not a simple task; it involves researching, writing, proofreading, and finalizing. After going through all these sections, a draft is termed as finished. It is like a human body where research is the brain, writing is the heartbeat, and reviewing is the blood. If you face difficulty in writing, your academic task cannot survive. That is why multiple students ask for dissertation help to overcome the challenges that arise while writing.

Do you have a question about how difficult it can be to write simple details after research? To answer your query, you need to read the following example. Have you seen the anime Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation? It is a disaster. The characters had so much potential and could break the internet, but the presentation ruined everything. It came out to be a total mess for the viewers, manga adaption is ridiculously bad.

That is a similar kind of role writing has in a document. It is about presenting the details in the most attractive manner to increase the urge to read it in one breath. That is practically impossible, but the writing pattern should be similar to that. But to attain it, you require experience of many years. While studying, many students face trouble presenting details in a readable manner. That is why their document face rejections and require re-writing.

Let’s study the challenges and problems students face while writing.

Challenges Students Face During Dissertation Writing

As every coin has two sides, problems have two sides too. One is light and the other is dark. The good point here is they push you to improve your skills so you achieve better results and the bad part is that sometimes they are unavoidable which delays the process of finishing a task.

But anything is achievable with a positive attitude, so keeping it intact, let’s move on to study the problems that occur while writing:

Inapplicable Information:

Sometimes, students take pieces of information to meet the word limit. In some cases, it is observed that the phrase is picked out of popularity. Due to that, they have to write the whole paragraph or heading again.

It happens because the unconnected information disturbs the link formed between the lines. Such statements become pivotal in clearing the doubt and connecting the dots between the details.

If you pick the correct one, it will add a better look, or otherwise, it will disturb the reader. Keep an eye on such statements to form links in the given information.

Less Information Collected:

While writing a dissertation, one must recall the typicality of the topic. The topic of students learning English literature will have less complexity in comparison to scholars studying physics.

For example, an English literature student picking a topic on Julius Caesar can find ample information than a physics scholar choosing the topic of tachyon. Selecting a theme can also pose a challenge afterward, as you will not have enough details to write.

While selecting a topic, proper and thorough research is necessary to give you an idea of whether it will be fruitful. You do not want to be seen, scratching your head in frustration.

Loose Introduction; Dull Response:

Introduction plays an essential role in grabbing the attention of the readers. Like in an interview, if your beginning is unattractive, the interviewer will take less interest in taking the session further.

It is like presenting yourself as the best. After reading the first segment of your document, the reader should get an idea of what is to be discussed further. It should act as the first step of the ladder that would lead the readers to the upper floor of detailed facts.

A dull introduction lacks the power to grasp the attention of the audience. The better the introduction, the higher the response it receives.

Applying Incorrect Words:

A sentence is termed meaningful when the words are correctly placed and form a link. Incorrect terms change or destroy the meaning, leading to abruptness and bluntness.

In a paragraph, a disrupted line can change the entire meaning and the resulting message. The mistake behind this is the fault in using the correct word. These mistakes are the reason why readers lose interest in the document and they also interrupt the quality of the written material.

It is essential to note that the essay does not ask for heavy words, it asks the author to deliver the resolution of the query. This piece of paper does not demand to show off your vocab but it asks to deliver qualitative information.

Heavy Use of Punctuation:

Using full stops or commas is essential, although applying them too much is marked as an error. Every symbol you put while writing has a specified clause to inform its usage.

If a single line includes too many commas, then it will disturb the readers. A sentence must have a maximum of 18 words and a minimum of 10-12 words. In a paragraph, 3-4 sentences give a better look at the structure of an essay.

Before submitting the dissertation, the writers must verify whether the punctuation is placed correctly or not. A better presentation leads to a higher percentage of readership.

Detached Claim & Evidence:

Since an essay is an answer to a query, it also includes whether the proposed theory is valid or invalid. To do so, you can use various examples, references, and illustrations to support your point.

That is where the issue arises. Many students while using the illustrations, forget whether it links to the data and use it out of popularity, for example naming a movie to explain the photosynthesis cycle. Can the claim be valid if the supportive element is not forming a link?

It is essential to check the reference you give in your information. It should amplify the quality of your document, not be set to decline.

Generic Statements:

When you write your claim, the nature of the statement should be strict, not lifeless. It should sound solid because it states that you believe in your claim.

A claim in a statement is like a declaration, stating your opinion to be more truthful and valid. General lines are not prohibited, but they do not suit the nature of declaring a viewpoint. It should be powerful enough to change the thoughts of the readers.

Statements like these make the readers question their ideas, and they begin to believe your point of view. But, make sure that your claim is based on valid facts and data, as it will be unethical to present unlawful facts.

These are a few challenges that stand in front of students while writing an essay. But, like Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” So, take inspiration from this quote and focus on what you want to achieve, i.e., to finish writing a qualitative essay.


Students face issues while writing because the skill requires time to improve and gain experience. That is the cause why many students ask to buy dissertation services because it hampers the quality of their documents. The above pointers discuss the challenges that arise in front of students. So, ensure that you regularly work to achieve improvement and reduce the percentage of these problems.

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