6 Things to Do right Away with your WordPress Website

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WordPress is the most popular content management system among new bloggers and start-ups, which is why it currently hosts almost 50% of all the websites on the internet. Easy setup of the website on WordPress, endless customization features, and tons of already pre-made WordPress themes make the user experience on WordPress even more pleasant. So if you are looking to build your website on WordPress or have already built it, then here are a few things that you must consider doing right now for proper working and security of your WordPress website.

So let’s get started.

Optimize your website for SEO

SEO is not only about stuffing keywords in the content you post, creating links, or posting on social media. You need to use proper Headings like H1, H2, Meta title, Meta description, etc. for each page. So while you are building your website, keep the purpose of the particular page in mind as to what purpose that page will serve. And then set up the heading, title, and description as required.

Create a backup

It is the most important thing to do when your website is live and running. Be it because of server issues, hackers, ransomware, technical error, or be it any reason, there are chances that your highly secure website can be down. Therefore you need to have a backup of your website every time you make any major changes to it. So if your website goes down, or is deleted, simply restore it and get it running.

Setup the search console

When you have a beautiful and professional website running, you might be tempted to show it to people around the world. So the first thing is to get your website visible on Google. When you set up your website on Google Search Console, the platform starts indexing your page. And depending upon how well the page is optimized, it will start showing up on Google SERP.

Set up analytics

Analytics is again another important thing that you need to set up for your website. With proper analytical data, you can scale the business, learn how your audience engages with the contents on your website and do the required changes to make the website more engaging.

Create a working contact form

Depending upon the purpose of your website, like whether you want to showcase your products or service, want to gather leads, or want to sell products directly from the website, various types of content strategies and forms have to be applied. Being a new blogger or a company owner, having a well-structured contact form on your website is mandatory. It gives the customers options to send in their queries, feedback, and requests.

Getting SSL certificate

Having an SSL certificate ensures your website is secure for users and Google or any other SE gives priority to a secured site. It also protects your website from hackers.

A new website needs to be properly taken care of by setting it up in the right manner. Here we discussed 6 main important things you need to do right away to secure your website and get it running. There are many more things to consider as well. What do you think according to you are other important things that should be done after setting up a WordPress website? Leave your comments below.

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