Yesstyle $100 Shopping Haul (Fashion & Cosmetics)

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I will always have a sweet spot in my heart for the fashion blogging community because style blogging was the first type of blogging I ever encountered. I was sad to abandon my fashion-focused site, but events forced my hand. Lucky for me, YesStyle dresses have allowed me to rediscover the exciting world of fashion blogging.

A Remark on Garments

The quality of everything I’ve ordered from the YesStyle dress has been excellent. The clothes are made of thick fabric, but contrary to first impressions, they are not uncomfortable when worn next to the skin. If you’re concerned about how well it’ll fit, you may rest assured that the sizing is spot on. Before making a purchase, I checked out their size chart and gauged myself accordingly. The Niji Smile Mini Pleated Skirt is available in sizes up to 2XL and is one of its many endearing qualities. To get discounts on Yesstyle, use the Yesstyle rewards code.

Recently Released Skin Care Items

Mixing in fashion blogging between my beauty posts will give me more opportunities to test new skincare solutions. I’ve updated the post with further information about cosmetics and fashion. Now, I can try the skincare products for some time, between one and three weeks, before diving into my in-depth reviews.

Aspiring Romantics in Black Pink

The first Kpop music video costume I tried to recreate was from Blackpink’s Lovesick Girls’ YesStyle outfits. I made an effort to style myself after Jisoo’s outfit. No matter how simple it would be to do it again, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve failed.

Baby Shirts & Blouses in Red

I don’t have red T-baby shirts because most of my YesStyle outfits are blouses. I felt like a housewife in the red top and plaid skirt combination. I also mismatched the plaid, so the skirt was the wrong color.

Yesstyle dresses had planned a plaid skirt with a more subdued color palette, much to the one Jisoo wore. Jisoo wore a checkered blazer with her dress nearly identical to the one I chose to wear. Jisoo is wearing a coat with a hood.

Double All That Money Plus Some

Yesstyle wore a dress in the first outfit that seemed like it had been plucked from a fairy tale, so I tried to recreate it in the second. Her sartorial selection was a form-fitting midi-length number. My ultimate pick was a somewhat knee-length A-line dress. My outfit was a little too slim initially, which worried me.

The fact that it came with a second dress meant it was not transparent. The fabric looked like tulle, but it was soft and comfortable; it didn’t bother my skin.

Blackpink Punish This Romance

My third outfit was also motivated by a music video based on the visuals for Blackpink’s “Kill This Love.” Instead of mimicking another band member’s outfit, I focused on creating my unique look while still using the same basic elements. I followed their lead and wore a cargo skirt from YesStyle dresses and a cargo vest with chains because they sported such intricate embellishments on their clothing.

Ikon’s Ideal Romantic Encounter

And last but not least, there’s the Love Scenario-inspired style. I felt it would be fitting to showcase one of my Kpop music videos–inspired outfits using Love Scenario by iKon, as it is my favorite song from a Korean musician. It’s not modeled after any one member of the band, but it’s what I’d wear if I were in the video.

To keep warm, they layered up and wore loose-fitting clothes. Both the baseball and plaid jackets, which are very cute, have seen repeated wear from me. My grey pants are also from YesStyle outfits, and I featured them in a blog article I made on essentials every YesStyle shopper should have.

The Complete Yesstyle Guide

The apparel pieces I mentioned at the article’s outset are all sold individually on YesStyle for under $100. (more than 5,000 Philippine pesos). The apparel is quite well made. Thus the costs are reasonable.

Nothing about it screams “cheap,” and the hefty fabric still feels good. Those interested in saving even more money on their YesStyle dress purchases may do so by entering the Code beauty loving during checkout.

Personal Care Items, Including Clothing

In this YesStyle Haul, I plan to include both fashion and beauty items. For this YesStyle purchase, the final tally was P5,329.14, or almost $100. Not included are freebies and branded merchandise (USD).

Shopping Trip for Cosmetics and More

Regarding cosmetics, I finally bought everything I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember but have been too lazy to buy. Another thing that makes me happy is that the thigh-high socks are long enough to cover my thighs. One of my favorite aspects is how well it remains in place, even when I’m moving around.

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