How to Create a Digital Name Card

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Digital Name Card

A digital name card creates an everlasting impact. The design used for the company matters, which is why the best digital name card printing agency should be chosen to carry out these services. 

Apart from all these features, your name card should look professional and minimal. All the correct contact information and other useful data should be displayed vividly on the card. 

What to include on your business card depends on loads of key factors. Here, we have rounded up some tips to help you draft the perfect business card. You don’t have to cater to every element mentioned here. Just add what works best for you and print the card. 

Visuals and professional picture

Your digital name card should have quality visuals. Pixelated images throw off your potential clients and business. So, designing your digital name card should take a lot of effort. Add in minimalistic visuals so the card doesn’t look boring. 

Another option to put wheels to your company’s branding is posters. Bulk poster printing in Singapore helps businesses reach a wider audience. You can get posters in bulk quantity and have them glued around the city to increase your audience. 

You can also add logos to your digital name card. Add a video or a slideshow to showcase your company’s achievements. Strategically placing your achievements helps to garner more clients. 

Make Your Name and Designation Stand Out

Your designation and name have a firm impression. Thus, it is one of the top things that should be vivid in the digital card. Any good digital name card printing agency would know this. So, if you work with a printing agency, the odds of getting a mediocre card are very low. At the One Printer, we ensure to tend to every little detail that may impact your client. 

It is best practice to place your job title, company name, and contact info at the center. The name should be bigger and in bold font to stand out. The sans fonts make the card look clean and professional, which is one of the major requirements of a business card. 

Simple Color Schemes

Simple and solid colors are what everyone looks for in the 21st century. Gone are the days when intricate designs and patterns were part of business cards. Hence, it is important to lay in colors that transmit positive feelings about your company. Light colors play a huge part in doing that and are the best option if you’re looking to highlight your achievements through the business card. 

The best digital name card printing agency in Singapore helps in doing just that. You help to choose the right color scheme for your digital name card in Singapore and leave everything to us. Effects like 2D and 3D graphics add a lot of dimension and detail. So, it’s always a good practice to use them as well.

Firstly, ensure you’re not using more than 2 to 3 colors. More colors mean more confusion in your brain. For instance, an off-white background with a brighter color for some graphics is like a perfect business card. You can use different visuals to make the information pop. 

Also, for bulk poster printing in Singapore, you can add hues of different colors to highlight the posters; for instance, orange is a great color to excite the mind, while green can be a calming color. The same goes for blue. The color choice would depend on the motive of your company and what your business goals represent. 

Clear Contact Details

This point cannot be emphasized enough. A clear name and job descriptions are crucial points. Without them, there is no reason to get a name card printed or digitally made. The information and how it is presented play an optimal role in deciding the fate of your business. 

The details need not be flashy. In other words, write them down in a simple format and include all the basic information. It is better to list them down rather than write lines of contact information. However, remember to stay concise and get straight to the point. 

Call to Actions

Calls to action provoke your potential clients to make a deal with you. Thus, any agency for bulk posting in Singapore or a digital name card printing agency in Singapore would tell you to focus on your CTA. 

CTAs give the client incentive to come with you. You show how your business stands apart from others if the client chooses to work with you. Hence, placing your CTA while keeping the client’s needs in mind is very important. Always display all the data in a perfect format or with the correct fonts. Of course, if you work with a good printing agency for digital name cards, you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

Why is Digital Printing for Name cards and Posters Important?

Newer digital printing methods do not have many elements to include. Thus, it is an excellent option to print anything. The benefits are that the prints are much less expensive and quicker when compared to conventional printing techniques. At Singapore’s best digital name card printing agency, we use the best of both worlds.  

How to Get The Perfect Print

In terms of quality and cost, digital name card printing always wins for most companies. Moreover, digital prints would be your best go-to if you want to print bulk posters. Depending on your budget and the company’s motive, you can even choose textured paper and other kinds of paper.  

However, at The One Printer, we understand your needs and assist you in determining your business name card printing needs and what design you should choose for your company to showcase its objectives best.