Why Should We go For Canadian Immigration From UAE

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Canadian Immigration

People opt to relocate from one country to another for various reasons. The cost of living, professional development, political institutions, and citizenship are only a few factors. Others move for medical reasons or because they’ve reached retirement age and are seeking the most financially advantageous solutions for their golden years. Suppose you’re considering Canadian Immigration from Dubai for any of these reasons or others. This article will assist you in making your decision before you begin packing your belongings.

Canada is a great place to move to if you’re from Dubai to improve your life. It has ideal and friendly immigration policies, making it an ideal place to raise a family. Having a Canadian PR allows you to use all the government’s incentives. That includes Job Opportunities, health education, and tourism benefits. You must hire the best consult like fly high abroad to get a Canadian immigration consultant in UAE.

Is it worth moving to Canada from Dubai?

People continue to place Canada at the top of their priority list. Canada’s reputation as a migrant-friendly country will preserve thanks to its long history of accepting immigrants and supporting them in adapting to Canadian society. In recent years, tighter immigration regulations implemented by other nations have enticed many people to migrate to Canada, where immigration controls are less strict.

Dubai is a bustling metropolis and a popular tourist destination. They have a large number of individual employees there on work visas. The social part of life is excellent and varied. Taxis, vehicles, and gasoline are cheaper in a country with no taxes. And the government is heavily investing in the country’s welfare.

Here are some reasons why you can migrate to Canada. And it’s worth it to hire a Canadian immigration consultant in UAE:


The UAE does not permit you to stay once your Residency Permit expires.  Work residency is available to foreigners in the UAE, but even if you stay for 50 years, you will not become a citizen. After you finish working, you can stay in the UAE over retirement age if you get a business investment visa or a dependency visa.

When migrating to Canada, you can become a Canadian citizen after about five years of residency. You can take advantage of Canadian resident benefits and privileges once you receive an application.

Technology is An Expanding Industry

In Canada, employment in engineering, medicine, and construction, among other fields, is in high demand. It’s a fantastic place for qualified individuals to apply for the Federal Skilled Workers program.

High Quality of Life

You will get many public holidays, flexible work hours, and an excellent work-life balance. Canada offers a high level of living. Canada is ranking fifth in the world for exceptional living standards and careers. Despite its natural resources, the country’s economy appears to be more service-oriented. According to Statistics Canada, more than 75% of Canadians work in the service sector.

A large number of effective Canadian immigration consultants in the UAE are available. In comparison to Dubai, Canada offers a wide range of immigration visas. Aside from the Canada work visa and the Canada student visa, there are a few more options. The Canadian government must also provide several business-related immigration programs. The PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), the Express Entry Program, Quebec Immigration, the Skilled Workers Program, and other immigration schemes in Canada allow you to migrate to and settle in the nation from Dubai.


Canada has long been known for its excellent universities and colleges, which offer world-class education and have attracted many students. The best part is that after they finish their studies, Canadian Immigration grants them Canadian PR, allowing them to work and reside in the country. You just need to contact us for a Canadian immigration consultant in UAE.

Canada offers more tempting prospects for school and university students, with public schools free to attend and university costs of around CAD$7000 per year.


Moving from Dubai to Canada appeals to many people approaching retirement age who want a more relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of a large international city.

Canada’s climate is less hectic than Dubai’s, but it is more suited to an active retired lifestyle for fit individuals who want to enjoy life. Canada also has more affordable assisted living options.


Most sectors of the Canadian economy are facing skilled labor shortages, with businesses struggling to locate suitable employees. The government has encouraged additional migrants to reside in the country to alleviate the scarcity. There are job openings in manufacturing, food, retail, construction, education, warehousing, and transportation. There are various job openings in STEM sectors as well as in the healthcare industry. As a result, immigrants enjoy a plethora of job opportunities.

While Dubai offers many possibilities for professionals to succeed, the competition is fierce. As the government opens its doors to other countries, job seekers worldwide are flocking to the Emirate in search of a brighter future. If you get that dream job, the monetary benefits may not be enough to compensate for the high cost of living in Dubai. So, if you strike it rich in Dubai, it could be a good idea to go to Canada and invest more sensibly.

Although there are fewer chances for professionals in Canada, the country is wide enough for you to try your luck in other places before giving up and returning home. You can discuss the whole process with a Canadian immigration consultant in UAE.

Moving to Canada is a significant cultural transition if you’ve lived in the UAE since birth or for an extended period. On the other hand, traveling provides significant opportunities for personal development that should not disregard. As a result, if you have your heart set on moving to Canada, you should begin preparing for your relocation as soon as workable.

Cost of migrating to Canada from the UAE

In general, if you want to immigrate to Canada as an individual. You’ll require about CAD 15,500. Couples will need approximately CAD 21,000, while families with children need between $25,000 and $30,000.

Best agency for Canadian immigration in Dubai

Fly High abroad represents the best Canadian immigration in UAE.

We provide applicants with a high probability of success. You can trust us because, in all our immigration cases, we deal with skilled and licensed immigration specialists. Furthermore, our advisers have vast experience in the Canadian immigration process. So, if you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch with us for a personal consultation.

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