What are the Call Center Outsourcing Solutions?

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What are the Call Center Outsourcing Solutions?

Businesses always do what they can to reduce costs, and call center outsourcing is a popular cost-cutting method for many companies. Call center outsourcing helps businesses handle all communication with customers, including hiring and training new agents from a separate location.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons businesses turn to call center outsourcing solutions, and then we will look at the popular call center software.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Save Time and Money

One of the primary reasons for call center outsourcing is that it is cheaper to use call center outsourcing than an in-house call center. You save significant time and resources by not hiring and training recruits and investing in expensive technologies, equipment, and space.

Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Customers expect 24/7 customer support available to them, but it is very costly to pay your full-time employees to work overnight shifts. With an outsourced call center, you can easily cover 24 hours of the day by having international employees work during the daytime. Time Zone difference makes it possible for you to provide 24/7 coverage without paying extra due to the location.

Handle High Volume Calls

There are times of the year for many businesses where you receive a high volume of calls, especially during holiday seasons. With an outsourced call center, the agents are well-equipped and experienced to handle a high volume of calls with call center outsourcing solutions. You can easily transfer calls to an outsourced call center without getting overwhelmed by the sudden increase in the number of customer service calls.

Features of Call Center Software

  • Controlled Telephony

Call center software is similar to a regular phone but re-engineered for call control with a mouse click enabling you to hold, transfer, and mute callers. Other features include live chat, conferencing, emails, and more.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution comprises the heart of every good call center by enabling you to route calls to the agent who is most suitable to solve the problem. You can monitor performance and gather information without being involved in the call routing process.

  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

Interactive Voice Responses takes care of callers before and after they are connected to the appropriate agent or department. IVR greets callers with customized messages, prompts a menu for the callers to select the service they need assistance with, waits in queues before being directed to an agent.

  • Call Queues

Call Queues are used by virtual call centers so that customers don’t suddenly hang up after being told they have to wait for the next available agent. Companies usually have on-hold music, customized messages, the latest sales offer, and queue numbers, when the customers are put on hold to be connected to an agent.

Each department or agent gets a specifically designed waiting queue where customers arrive after being skill routed. You can measure statics based on real-time data on a special dashboard.

  • Disposition Codes

Disposition codes are a feature that tags the outcomes of every call, including tags like Not Interested, Transferred to IT support, Refunded, etc. Agents select the code from a special menu and attach it to the profile of a particular caller.

These tags are helpful for businesses to keep track of the results of how an interaction went with a customer after each call. It also helps the company provide a more tailored customer experience the next time the customer calls.

  • Call Barging

Call barging is an important feature developed for new agents. With this feature, you can listen to live calls between agents and customers without the customer’s or agent’s knowledge on Mute. Supervisors typically use this feature to coach new agents using the Whisper feature where the agent can hear the supervisor but the customer can not.

  • Predictive and Power Dialers

The predictive and Power Dialers feature is primarily used to inform a customer when an agent becomes available and automatically make calls and connect the agent to a group of callers.

  • Voicemail and Notifications

Voicemail and Notifications allow customers to leave a voicemail for the agent when they aren’t available at the moment. Advanced systems can transcribe or email messages to the agent to keep them in the activity feed.

This helps agents see the voicemail the following day, organize an appropriate response, and follow up with the customers.

  • Real-Time and Historical Reporting

The real-Time and Historical Reporting feature enable you to view and learn about important metrics, including the number of calls per day/line/agent/department, average call duration, average abandonment rate, waiting time, and more. With the reporting feature, you can gather all the data and develop your next business strategy to improve those metrics.

  • Integration

The integration significantly extends the functionality of the call center software systems, allowing it to work with third-party apps to secure more customer/ caller information, process and analyze customer data, build better customer relations, and perform multiple tasks all within a single platform.

Investing in call center outsourcing solutions will help improve your customer satisfaction rate and boost efficiency and productivity in your company while still saving significantly.

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