Tricks to Take Care of Your Natural Rose Flower Bouquets

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Rose Flower

The rose is called the queen of flowers and looks beautiful alone or accompanied by other flowers. Red rose bouquets are a classic for Valentine’s Day, but roses are given as gifts on many occasions. If you get beautiful rose flower bouquet delivery and want to prolong their beauty to the maximum time, here we are giving you some tips so that you can take care of your roses and that your bouquet lasts longer than ever.¬†

How to Care for a Cut Roses Flower Bouquet?

Whether you’ve received a magnificent rose flower bouquet as a gift or if you’ve picked them from your garden and want to compose a flower bouquet. The cultivation of the rose is an art, but, in addition, this flower requires some appropriate gestures, even once cut! Knowing how to care for cut roses can help preserve your magnificent bouquet for as long as possible instead of having some sad and withered flowers. 

There are two critical cares to preserve the bouquet of cut roses: their light exposure and abundant hydration. 

Light exposure

It is essential to avoid excessively aggressive light sources. This tip, which also applies to green plants and potted roses, is even more critical for cut flowers. Direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended. Not only it will damage the bright colors of the roses, but it will also damage their petals. Therefore, you should choose a place where your bouquet will not be exposed to excessive light or heat. 

Hydration of Cut Roses

This point is crucial. The vase in which the bouquet of roses is placed must be clean and filled to at least half the height of the stems. These must be supplied with plenty of water, especially clean water. The water in the flower vase should be changed regularly, even daily, if possible. It will prevent faded flowers or fallen leaves from corrupting the water and causing rot. Removing the lower leaves from the stems is advisable, so the water flows directly to the flower. The stems must also be regularly pruned so the entire plant can be adequately oxygenated and hydrated. 

Also, feel free to use supplements provided by your florist to keep flowers fresh longer. Finally, some tricks allow you to restore a little of their vitality when they lose vigor. Submerging the entire cut rose in a water bath with a dissolved aspirin tablet will help restore its grace. Balancing the pH of the water is essential to guarantee the best care for rose flower bouquets.

Tricks to Preserve a Bouquet of Roses

You can take care of your cut roses; here are some tricks that you have to incorporate into the primary care of your bouquet of roses:

  • Add an aspirin or a few drops of bleach if it is impossible to change your flowers’ water in several days to prevent them from breeding bacteria.
  • If a rose bends its neck and falls, it is best to cut the stem a few centimeters and leave it floating in a container, basin, or similar. In a few hours, it will be hydrated again.
  • Keep the leaves out of the water to prevent rotting and bacteria from prematurely spoiling the flowers.
  • Some outer petals of the roses can often be damaged during the transport of the flowers due to handling or the temperature. Do not hesitate to remove them so your bouquet can shine in splendor.
  • If you cut the stems of the roses with a knife perpendicularly, you will get the roses to absorb much more water, which will extend their life of the roses. Cutting with scissors clogs many conductive vessels forming the stems, and the flowers wither prematurely.
  • Generally, the color of the roses is decisive in the duration; dark colors usually last longer than light colors. The flowers can be embedded in a base if you have received a floral composition instead of a flower bouquet. You can add a glass of water in the center daily to ensure that the flower is always hydrated.

Ideas to Prolong the Life of Your Roses

Apart from these care for bouquets of roses, you have to know that there are several other ways to prolong the life of roses once they begin to lose their initial beauty: 

Replant your Bouquet of Cut Roses

Cut flowers can be kept for decorative purposes and replanting and growing new rose bushes – a great way to extend their life!

It is done at the end of the plant’s flowering season. If you have rose bushes at home and want to propagate them, the principle is relatively simple, but it requires special care to ensure that cuttings from your plants will produce beautiful roses in the future.

The stems of the cut roses are branches of the rose bush that need more to plant. Pay close attention to pruning these stems with pruning shears. Once your bouquet withers, the dead flower should be removed, as well as the leaves, except for a few top leaves, to prevent evaporation.

Cut the Stem

The stems should be about 15 cm long, picked from young branches, and cut above a node. Coat the bottom of the cut with a solution, such as cutting hormones, to improve your chances of success.

Place Flowers in the Water

When you receive your bouquet, you must place it in water as soon as possible. The amount of water should be the maximum likely without reaching the bundle so that the leaves are not in contact with the water.

Add Preservative 

If your florist provides you with an envelope with a preservative, you can apply it to the water in the vase. If you don’t have a specific preservative for cut flowers, a little sugar will prolong the life of your flowers a little longer.


We hope our advice has been helpful to you. To give a new life to your roses, you can also consult the florist on what to do with rose petals. If you have are planning to send flower bouquets to Delhi or any other location share these tips with them too.

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