Four Best Breeds of Cows and Goats in Pakistan

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Cows and Goats in Pakistan

Nature has bestowed Pakistan with everything that people could ever want. Pakistan offers it all, from breathtaking mountains to crystal-clear waters. Similarly, Pakistan enjoys the blessing of many distinct animal species.

Regarding productivity and utility, goats and cows are one of the most significant animals on the planet. They are lovely creatures that may also be utilized as livestock and food. 

Are you considering starting a cattle farm or buying a cow or goat for Eid? If you are hunting for the best breed of cow and goats in Pakistan, you have unquestionably come to the right place. We will tell you all about the highest quality cows and goats you can find in Pakistan.

Pakistani Goat Breeds


Beetal goats are one of the most common goat breeds in Pakistan. Their population is particularly significant in both India and Pakistan’s Punjab regions. Beetal goats have a unique look and may readily be identified in a crowd. They have highly noticeable long and flat ears. 

Their ears are curled and hang down the side of their heads. Because of these features, their ears stand out as a unique feature of their look. Beetal goats have large legs and short tails in addition to their ears.

There are several uses for beetal goats. They are the most common breed of goats on the subcontinent for various reasons. They generate high-quality meat that can be sold on the market for excellent rates, which is the primary reason why farmers like them. Due to the size of their bodies, they also produce a lot of milk. This milk is of excellent quality as well.

Gulabi Goat

One of the rare goat breeds that may easily get a lot of attention is the gulabi goat. They become relatively simple to recognize due to some distinguishing characteristics, notably their colour and ears. They are white in colour.

Sindh is where gulabi bakra first appeared in Pakistan. They are a well-known breed of goats in the Middle East due to their immense popularity. They are well-liked in nations like Pakistan and India for their milk and meat. In contrast, this species is treated more like a rare breed in the United States.

Farmers take gulabi goats for grazing as it is the best way for their healthy growth. They are fed mostly green fodder, hay and wheat. Gulabi goats are mainly used for Qurbani.

Due to their warmth toward people and other animals, gulabi goats are frequently kept as pets. In particular, they adore people and long for our attention. The female gulabi goats have small horns on their heads and are enormous. 

They are typically found in a pure white tone. Additionally, they have huge ears. Gulabi goats’ ears are so big that they occasionally drop to their knees. Gulabi goats are helpful as a source of milk and meat in addition to being friendly pets. A mature male can typically generate roughly 70 kg of meat.

Pakistani Cow Breeds


One of the most famous cow breeds in Pakistan originated from the deserts of Cholistan and areas of Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan. It is the ancestor of the Sahiwal breed.

Some of the distinct features of the Cholistani cows are:

  • Large flabby structure
  • Small horns
  • Long ears
  • A well-developed hump in males
  • Red and brown speckles all over the body
  • A pendulous sheath in males
  • 1200-1800 litres of milk per lactation

Cholistani cow are relatively new, and they most likely came from Sahiwal cattle that were crossed with local cattle. Males may be utilized as draught animals and are an excellent source of meat.

Red Sindhi

The Red Sindhi breed is found in the Sindhi regions of Dadu, Thatta, and Karachi. It is said to have originated in the hilly area known as “Mahal Kohistan.” The irrigated lowlands of Hyderabad (Sindh) and the dry plains of the Lasbella district in Balochistan make up this breed’s native habitat.

This breed is compact in structure, medium in stature, and red. The bull’s colour will probably be darker on the shoulders because the Lasbella strain is darker. It has a broad head with a distinctive forehead hump. In males, horns are thick and stumpy; in females, they are thin. 

This breed has small and delicate ears. Males have a well-developed hump. In males, the sheath is pendulous; in females, it is nominal. Round and sagging hindquarters, a black tail switch, and a medium to big, robust udder are all present. A lactation can produce between 1200 and 2000 litres of milk. Adult females weigh 300–350 kg, compared to 400–500 kg for adult males.

Red Sindhi animals are strong and can adjust to challenging conditions. Bullocks are employed in a variety of agricultural tasks despite their slowness. Several nations have imported this breed of animals.

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