Traditional Way to Make A2 Desi Ghee

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A2 Desi Ghee

According to many research materials, ghee has immense health benefits. A traditionally made a2 desi ghee is the purest of all. So, you can only unlock the full effect if you consume the purest one. This is also famous as purified or clarified butter.

This ghee provides vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and natural fa. Therefore, we must use it daily. Ghee has the lowest smoke point and produces less saturated fat in hitting conditions compared to other cooking. Therefore, rural people who use ghee daily have healthier bodies than citizens.

The traditional process is the perfect way of making this ghee. So, Here we are going to discuss the perfect way of making this A2 ghee: 

1. Raw Milk Boiling

The gir cow produces the best quality A2 milk. But any other healthy cow who eats grass and live in proper condition produces great-quality milk. So, the living condition and diet of the cows are very important.

You need almost 30-liter cow milk to make around one liter of a2 desi ghee. The traditional process of making this ghee begins with the first stape of boiling a2 cow milk. So, you can boil this over firewood if you strictly follow the traditional way. Boil this milk slowly and take time. So, This will disinfect the milk properly, making it consumable. On the other hand, the milk gets concentrated and produces fat after boiling slowly for a long time.

2. Making Yogurt

The next step is to convert the fatty boiled milk into curd. So, you must add a tablespoon of previously made full-cream or lemon juice to the thickened milk to convert it into full-cream Yogurt. Then, paces this milk in a properly airtight covered container to rest it overnight. You will get full-cream Yogurt, then place it in a cool spot before churning.

3. Churning The Yogurt

Churning is the most difficult and essential process of making a2 desi ghee.

After getting a fatty curd, you must start churning. This process is traditionally called bilona. You can get fermented butter called Makhan by using this process. This a two-way process that needs a wooden billion. So, rotate the wooden instrument clockwise and anti-clockwise to divide the buttermilk and butter. Now, you can prepare the butter using these raw ingredients.

4. Separating The Makkhan

You get fermented butter separated from the buttermilk after churning for a long time. So, collect the Makhan (fermented butter) from the top of the buttermilk. Then separate this fermented butter in a different container to proceed to the next stage.

5. Heating The Makkhan

Melt this Makhan on a copper container using firewood on medium-high heat. This is the final stage of making a2 desi ghee. When the ghee is almost ready, you will find two layers on your pot. One of the semisolid layers in the bottom is clarified butter. In the final stages, you will smell a strong nutty aroma, and it will become golden-yellow. So, you must filter the golden liquid substance in the final stages to get the perfect A2 cow ghee. Then, pour this into a glass jar and seal it tightly.


Many rural family or local diary makes this a2 desi ghee in their household. They use the previously mentioned traditional method to produce this golden treasure.

This butter has highly nutritious and a great immunity booster. People with many health problems can use this clarified butter daily to improve their condition.