Top 10 Companies Investing In The Metaverse

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Metaverse is the new term in the global technology market. Metaverse companies focus on developing innovations and features that enable users to interact efficiently and effectively in the digital world. Immersive experiences will revolutionize the digital world with the help of metaverse investing companies in the future. Learn more about the top ten companies developing and investing in metaverse technologies.

Top Companies Developing a Metaverse In 2022

Here is the list of companies investing in Metaverse in 2022:


Meta (formerly Facebook) has big ambitions for its future Metaverse. It has allocated resources to hire 10,000 new “Metaverse” to build its virtual reality experience. The move to virtual reality has cost an initial investment of $50 million, and it is expected to take up to 15 years before they see the fruits of their labor. The tech giant has also invested as much as $10 billion in acquiring VR technologies. They plan to invest in AR technologies to expand their virtual world capabilities. It has been pushing hard on its Metaverse plans after acquiring Oculus.

With plans to last up to 15 years, the company is taking a long-term view and not just utilizing the Metaverse buzzword to distract from its recent scandals, like Facebook. Another question is whether they can outmaneuver current competitors focused on the blockchain metaverse. Currently, in the first quarter of 2022, Meta’s Metaverse division has lost $3 billion. That’s an impressive burn rate


In 2014, the company led the way when it unveiled its Google Glasses, a wearable AR technology designed to make the average person’s daily life easier. The world laughed at it, but it’s time to revisit the idea. There were many privacy concerns as Google Glass had built-in video recording capabilities. They set a dangerous precedent in terms of security and privacy. Under CEO Sundar Puchai, they discussed the possibility of mapping the Metaverse and implementing current services like YouTube into virtual worlds. Google, a Metaverse investing company, has also invested a whopping $39.5 million in a fund that will go directly to Metaverse projects. Could 2022 be the year Google Glass is reintroduced? In simpler words, they’re pretty cool, but there are some big privacy questions to answer.

Unity Software

Unity Software is probably the best-positioned company on this list to capitalize on the Metaverse boom. It is responsible for 71% of the top 1000 mobile games and 50% of all PC and console games. The software developed by Unity is installed on around 5 billion devices worldwide – those are impressive numbers. The opportunity for Unity here is not to build its Metaverse but to create connections between all these devices, applications, and games for a Metaverse. Additionally, Unity Software recently acquired the $1.6 billion VFX company Weta Digital. This acquisition will help expand RT3D (real-time 3D) technology. It is most likely used in many metaverse applications to make the virtual universe more realistic


NVIDIA is the world’s leading developer of graphics processors. They are making the technology for laptops, gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, and even cryptocurrency mining rigs. The company is rightfully positioning itself for the metaverse boom that will take place over the next few years. As more devices, technologies, and innovations are developed, the demand for more advanced GPUs will increase. NVIDIA is currently developing its Omniverse tool to help developers build their applications; it is a development platform for 3D simulation and design. It is a development platform for 3D simulation and design. NVIDIA also plans to develop applications that will allow you to create realistic avatars for the Metaverse.


One of the most exciting companies looking to invest in the Metaverse is undoubtedly Microsoft, a company known for its technological advancements. The tech giant recently struck a deal to buy Activision Blizzard, potentially putting itself in a position to expand its play-to-earn capabilities and eventually enter the Metaverse ecosystem. Microsoft is also working on its Holoportation technology, which is immersive and interactive experiences in mixed reality applications. It lets you immerse yourself in virtual reality instead of creating an avatar; a photorealistic version of yourself teleports into the virtual world.


The Roblox metaverse investing company is already here. There are currently 10 million users building on the platform, and the buzzword metaverse is often confused with the need for some sort of blockchain, VR, or AR capability. But in reality, the Metaverse is more about the possibilities and opportunities available to users. That is, can you create your events? Can you simply create a world where a DJ is spinning in one room and playing poker with your avatar friends in another? If so, Roblox is already there. Roblox has grown into a huge community of developers who can socialize in the 24 million different events and worlds created by community members.


Shopify recently launched its new AR/3D shopping feature, which allows store owners to create 3D AR versions of their products. The company has recently partnered with UK-based AR platform Poplar Studio to offer the service at a monthly cost of $49. Shopify has also launched a beta version of its own NFT marketplace, where people can sign up to buy and sell NFTs. However, according to the leaked documents, Meta has the same plans for its platform.


Nike began its Metaverse expansion after acquiring RTFKT, a digital sneaker design studio founded in 2020. The studio essentially makes virtual sneakers, and Nike seized the opportunity to jump on the Metaverse hype train. Virtual Nike sneakers sell for over $100,000, and apparel will likely be available shortly. Nike also has a virtual store in the Roblox Metaverse called Nikeland, which has attracted over 7 million people from over 200 countries.

Epic Games

On April 13, 2021, Epic Games announced they had just closed a $1 billion funding round to further invest in the Metaverse. “We are grateful to our previous and new investors who support our vision for Epic and the Metaverse,” said Tim Sweeney, CEO, and Founder of Epic Games. Their investment will help accelerate our work on building connected social experiences in Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys while supporting game developers and creators with Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and the Epic Games Store.”


Although the metaverse is becoming increasingly popular, it is still at an infancy stage and is still developing gradually. It is, therefore, always possible for more reliable companies to emerge among the top metaverse developers. Our list of metaverse investing companies revolves around thorough research and fact-based information, but individual research is always best before choosing a specific company.

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