Tips to Remove Weeds from Your Pretty Lawn

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Our eyes, mind, and soul can’t get enough thinking about the moment we will go out and put the barefoot into the lush green radiant green grass of our yard. It’s a heavenly feeling when we feel the natural earth so closely, this makes a personal connection with it instantly. But there’s something that instantly turns off our mood and that is those stringy ivy, coarse clovers, or fuzzy dandelions that wrap around your toes all the time.

Our natural reaction to that would be to get irritated and then spot them to remove them instantly. Such weeds are a major concern for any person who loves to take care of their yard. They are small at first but can get pretty huge and unattractive for the lawn. At times they end up sucking the nutrition of a tree as well and the last resort we come with is sadly removing the tree with the help of the professionals from Sydney tree removals.

But for your luck, there are ways in which you can keep them away from your lawn and enjoy happy times without weed, boosting the turf’s health. In this segment, we will be covering how these weeds can be removed from your grass for the greater good. 

You see your lawn full of weeds and are now confused about what to do next?

Clearing up a lawn full of weeds is a very tough call but eventually, we have to take this call since we need to keep the turf’s health in prime condition.

Let’s find the best ways to say goodbye to your lawn weeds permanently

Even though weeds are considered to be a troublemaker for the lawn, we need to look at the basics that they are pretty much the same as other grass, flowers, or shrubs! Which implied that if we leave them unattended, then with time they will multiply their growth thick and rampant just like any other of the herbs you intend to grow in your lawn.

So, we need to look at the best and sure-shot ways to get rid of these weeds and make the area of our lawn a happy place where one can enjoy with our family and friends. The factors that encourage the growth of weeds on your lawn include low-mowed grass, water-deprived turf, and compacted soil. You just need to work opposite with these factors and maintain a healthy lawn routine to bid goodbye to all the weed.

An effective trick to kill the weeds without damaging the grass

To get this done, we have pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. These both are dedicatedly made for weeds. So, the pre-emergent for crabgrass or post-emergent for dandelions was brought just to take care of these plants, and yes for your relief, they won’t even hurt the lawn grass if all the methods are taken care of systematically.

How to remove weeds that have covered the entire lawn?

If weeds have already taken over the entire turf and things are out of hand, then you need to follow the below mentioned four steps:

  1. Do a complete assessment of your lawn and check what sort of weed is present. Since the further treatments would be made based on the specific type of weed before you indulge in buying products.
  2. Now secondly, you have to choose the treatment that will be decided based on the type of weeds and the stage they are in. If the cleaning is taken place before the growing season, you have to choose pre-emergent else for the established ones go with post-emergent.
  3. Kill the weeds by carefully putting down the directions in which you will work on how to use them. Always read the instruction manual before using it.
  4. Prepare a schedule to take proper care of your lawn and ensure you are following that rigorously to not face the weed problems again. These are the steps included:
  • During the fall, seed your lawn and if needed get the aerate
  • Provide one last short mow to your turn and fertilization treatment before the arrival of winter
  • Come spring, have a new start with pre-emergent and handpick any new site of weeds
  • Mow your lawn at regular interval during spring and summer, but be careful not more than one-third of grass is removed at a time
  • Is there a natural way to get rid of these weeds in your lawn?

Yes, there are few ways, but that may require the investment of extra time and effort. You can spray vinegar directly on weeds to give them a natural death since it will dry out the leaves and kill whatever is there above the ground. You need to pick the vinegar that has a content of more than the usual 5 percent of acetic acid. Such vinegar can be easily picked from any nearby home improvement store and not the supermarket.

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