Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Door Knobs

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Did you know door knobs play a vital role in keeping your house or property secured? They are not only practical but also improve the setting of a room. Even if you are changing broken knobs or looking to renew the appearance and style of the doors in your new house, there are different types of knobs available online to match your requirements. In this post, we will discuss the diverse knob styles and functions offered to you and how to choose the right one for each door.  

What You Have to Know When Shopping for Door Knobs?  

  • Ensure the door hardware works with your door density  
  • Check the knob’s needed borehole size  
  • Make sure substitute knobs will fix your door  
  • Verify the needed backset for your substitute knobs  
  • Find even if the latch or bolt has a round or square-corner arrangement  
  • The knobs of the doors bought should be right for the usage  
  • Review the security grade for diverse entry knobs  
  • Search for premium safety designs with finishes that go with your home’s design and theme  

Types of Door Knobs You Can Look for 

Half Dummy Knobs 

These are non-locking knobs that do not have to be turned when closing or opening a door. Rather, you easily pull on the door to unlock it. These knobs are generally used on double doors that close next to each other, for example, on wardrobe and cabinet doors.  

These types of knobs are fancy and perfect for use that don’t require a latch. They are accessible in a large range of designer styles and finishes to simply go with your interior decor and architectural look. They are also easy to set up and are an affordable choice for non-locking use in your home.  

Passage Knobs 

These knobs are interior non-locking knobs that move freely and don’t have a key. They run with a latch and need turning of the handle to unlock the door. Passage knobs have two non-locking knobs on one or the other side of the door and are perfect for closets, hallways, and rooms where safety is not needed.  

These door knobs are also available in a large range of styles and finishes to mix in with your structural charm and interior decor. Not like half dummy knobs or levers that do not turn, these knobs solely have a shortage of locking functionality.  

Privacy Knobs 

Privacy knobs are made for interior doors. They can be closed and opened by an emergency key on the external side, and a push or turn button from the inner side. This knob is made for privacy rather than security. In an emergency, the lock can be unlocked from the outside with an emergency key.  

This door knob is generally used for bathrooms, bedrooms, and rooms that need privacy. Privacy knobs come in a variety of styles, designs, and finishes to match your house’s interior decor.  

Storeroom Knobs

Storeroom knobs Online are utilized for storage doors where external door entry must always stay closed until unlocked with a key. When the key is taken out, the lock of the door knob comes back to a locked position. From the inner side, the door would open easily every time. Whether the door is unlocked from the inside, the door will be closed once more as soon as it closes. This stops anybody from being caught in a storage room without a window.  

These knobs for doors are beneficial for storage rooms and frequently come with a UL 3-hour fire grade, in addition to different styles and finishes to match your requirements. Ensure checking the rank of storeroom knobs and different locks to make sure premium storage safety.  

Keyed Entry Knobs

These knobs are opened or closed with a key on the external knob or a moving button on the inner knob. This functionality is made with an inside emergency exit feature only if there is a fire or another emergency.  

In some conditions, the lock or key method can also work on both sides of the door. These knobs are mainly used on doors where additional security is needed, for example, doors with adjoining windows or glass panels that are tough for somebody to break, get inside, and open the door.  

These knobs are most generally found on outer doors, but they can also be utilized on inner doors. They attribute a deadlatch that increases the safety of the lock. Keyed entry knobs for doors usually come with different safety features involving security grade.  

How to Buy the Best Door Knobs?  

Even though knobs for doors must be a specific item to buy, there are a few things to know before purchasing. You have to consider size, style, and finish and determine whether it is suitable for the look of your home. Knobs for doors have an easy duty that is simple to move and allows for smooth access into a room, yet they must also be regarded as a part of your embellishing furniture.  


Primarily, you require considering the style of your home as a whole and find out which knob would match effectively.  

Door Knob Size 

On a normal door, the regular size for a knob would be approx. 50mm in diameter, yet for bigger doors, this might require to be as much as 75mm.  


With different materials on offer, for example, nickel, brass, chrome, bronze and a lot more, your selection will be essential for complementing the period idea of your home.  

Latch or Lock 

In order for your knobs to run correctly, you will require buying a lock or latch individually if you don’t already have these in your doors.  


If you wish to know more about door knobs or buy from the largest collection of door hardware, get started at Mantara. Their vast range assures that you will find the best fit for your home, from the most beautiful to the most useful. 

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