Pawna Lake Camping

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Pawna lake is situated at a distance of 15 km from Lonavala and 45 km from Pune and 140km from Mumbai. Pawna lake is an exquisite camping site amidst the lush green landscape and misty valleys of the Western Ghats. The lakeside campsite offers a serene and pristine view of the mountain range and the beautiful lake, one can indulge in activities like swimming, bonfire, kayaking, pedal boating, camping, and many more. This getaway site provides relaxing and leisure time to visitors. 

Pawna Lake Camping

Best time to visit Pawna lake 

The best time for Pawna lake camping is during the winter months during which the temperature remains cool and pleasant. During the summer season, the region gets hot which makes it harder to have fun while camping near the lake. And during the monsoon, it gets moist which makes the area around the lake muddy. But during the winter months, one can enjoy the campsite with the foggy mountains of the Western ghats and the lush green vegetation around the lake flourishes and blooms which makes the area around the lake even more astonishing. 

How to reach Pawna Lake?

Pawna lake is located at a distance of 15km from Lonavala and 45km from Pune. One can travel via road through the Kamshet route to reach this place. If one is traveling via train then the nearest railway station is the Kamshet railway station from there one has to take a cab to reach Pawna lake. The cab would cost around 1000 INR. 

Level of Difficulty 

Since it is a lake site the difficulties associated with it are very low. Though the transportation facility near the lake site is difficult to find from Lonavala, it is relatively easier to find convenience. Near the lake, those who are involved in camping sites are aware of their behavior and maintain their private space with others. There are treks which are nearby to the lake site which is quite easy to reach. The trek involves trekking to forts like Tikona fort, load fort, Tung fort, and many more. 

Things to carry while visiting Pawna lake 

These are some of the essential items that must be carried if you are camping near Pawna Lake :   

  • medical tool kit 
  • umbrella if visiting this place during monsoon
  • mosquito and insect repellents 
  • sunglasses 
  • disposal bags 
  • toiletries if need be 
  • torch 
  • ready to made foods items 
  • walking shoes and floaters 
  • water bottle 
  • camera 
  • backpack 

Reasons to visit Pawna lake 

Pawna lake offers a mild and cool climate with the pristine lake. It is an ideal weekend getaway from the busy mundane life in Mumbai or Pune. The lake provides a serene environment amidst the lush green landscape. One can also indulge in activities like motorboat riding, pedal boat riding, kayaking, swimming, camping, and many more. One can also trek to nearby places like Tung fort, Tikona fort, Hadshi temple, and many more. It is also an ideal place to watch sunset or sunrise along with its reflection on the pristine Pawna lake. It is also one of the preferred destinations to spend time with your loved ones. One can also enjoy a bonfire and barbeque near the lake while stargazing.

Places to visit 

There are noteworthy places to visit near the lake like the Dinosaur Park at Lonavala, historical forts like Tung fort, Tikona fort, Lohagad fort, and Visapur fort. One can also visit the famous Bhaje caves, Hadshi temple, and Prati Pandharpur temple nearby the lake site. 

About the locals 

Since the lake site is man-made, there is no residential area. But there are some people a bit far away from the lake site and are friendly and cooperative. There are many homestay and guest houses that are operated by the locals.   


The lake is a shallow water body. So, sometimes it is recommended to not be near the lake during the monsoons. There is a rescue team available at Pawna lake in case anybody needs help. There are many activities that one can get involved in like boat riding, motorboat riding, Kayaking, archery, horse riding, trekking, barbeque, stargazing, and many more that will keep you entertained.  

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