Kasol Kheerganga Trek Travel Guide 2021

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Kasol Kheerganga Trek Travel Guide 2021

The Parvati Valley is perhaps the most pleasant spot in the Himalayan locale of Himachal Pradesh to travel. Two days is all you require to investigate its glorious scenery and get revived from the inside. The Kasol Kheerganga trek is an animating excursion, which not just reveals the dazzling landscape of the Himalayas, yet additionally allows you to find out about the fascinating society of individuals living here. You will visit a lot of towns, and there will be endless freedoms for you to click pictures with the snow-covered tops out of sight.

We begin with this amazing Kheerganga journey from Barshaini, From here, you will be taken to the village of Barshaini to start the walking venture. The 12-km trail from here gives you adequate freedoms to investigate the characteristic bounties of the locale. In transit, you will locate various beguiling cascades that will persuade you with their appeal to snap a photo. One sight of the shocking snake-formed cascade of Rudra Nag will give you another point of view on nature. These impressive cascades are among the features of the Kheerganga journey.

All your sluggishness of the climb will be washed away with a sight of the otherworldly underground aquifers of Kheerganga. You can step in it to handle the cool climate. The exceptional experience of unwinding in a natural aquifer while respecting vistas of snow-covered pinnacles will stay with you always as recollections. The vistas from a height of around 13000 feet will likewise leave you hypnotized. You will go through the night here amid the powerful snow-loaded mountains. The second-day venture back to Kasol allows you to respect what you may have missed right off the bat while traveling from Kasol to Kheerganga. The journey is evaluated simply; thus, nearly anyone can attempt it with a tad of arrangement.

The best travel duration for Kheerganga

Kheerganga Trek is a particularly well-known one since it is available the vast majority of the year. The best and ideal opportunity for the journey is between April to November, however, the most perfect months are April-May and September-October, because the climate is lovely in these months. Traveling during the storm season ought to be dodged, as the way can turn out to be extremely tricky and sloppy.

Arrival at the Kheerganga Trek

To arrive at Kheerganga, you will initially need to arrive at Kasol by either your vehicle or public vehicle. From Kasol, you will at that point drive to Barshaini and begin your journey from that point.

The simple availability and all-year network of the area is one of the variables that pulls in travelers and hikers to Kheerganga. Kasol is perhaps the most mainstream traveler objections of Himachal and arriving won’t be an issue by any means. It stays associated by street for each of the years and public vehicles are accessible on ordinary premises.

Lodging at Kheerganga

Outdoors is the only decision of convenience accessible at Kheerganga. You should convey your outdoor gear however and can set up your shelter at a reasonable spot in the glade.

Prior there were a lot of chadar tents and that was giving convenience however were taken out by the public authority in 2018 due to the littering issue. A few local people even set up bricked and solidified constructions at Kheerganga, envisioning that. These were all later arranged to be eliminated to protect the nature of the spot.

Be that as it may, as it generally occurs with most places, not all constructions were eliminated. On the off chance that you find such still there at the hour of your appearance, you can remain with them. Or probably you should set up your shelter.

If you were in no temperament to camp all alone and couldn’t discover any type of convenience, you should travel down to Rudranag sanctuary and can remain there.

There is additionally a spot called Ashram at Kheerganga, kept up by the Sadhus and Pandits. They offer a spot to rest for the evening or as low as Rs. 200, including suppers. You can likewise fill your water bottle from the regular water spring in Ashram and try not to purchase bundled water at double the MRP.

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