Parenting and Interior Design: How to Set Up a Nursery

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How to Set Up a Nursery

Taking up a new role in life as a parent is super exciting. However, at times it can also be overwhelming and quite challenging. There are a lot of things to think about. Setting up a nursery is one of them. But that’s not all; other things concern parents, especially first-time parents. One of these things is how they will manage this new role in their life. But let’s discuss one thing at a time. This post aims to help parents set p a nursery. We’ll share some things every nursery should have and give you valuable advice on optimizing it. 

When it comes to nurseries, every nursery should have a few essential things. As furniture is the bulkiest and most expensive, you should start with that. Then, when you choose and set up the furniture, you can move on to creating sufficient storage, as there are plenty of baby things. Moreover, you should reconsider lighting and optimize it. And lastly, you should finish with some baby room decor to add a final touch.

Baby furniture

After you have painted your nursery a fresh coat of paint, it’s time to shop for baby furniture. First, let’s see what furniture you need in your baby’s room. Please start with the crib as it is an absolute necessity. Carefully consider where to place it. It would help if you didn’t place it next to the window or outside the wall. It should also be away from direct sunlight. It’s essential to find n optimal place for it. Please place it in a few plausible positions before adding the other furniture pieces. 

Next is the dresser. Your baby should have a dresser to place all the clothes and accessories. Again, it would help to categorize things and put them on different shelves or drawers. For example, one shelf can be for onesies only, one for long sleeve clothes, and one for sleeveless clothes. You can also purchase cute baby knitwear or other fashionable items for special occasions or photo shootings and place them in a designated drawer. In that way, you’ll always find things you need quickly and easily.

A changing table

Another essential thing is a changing table. It is not an absolute necessity, but it is pretty handy. It often comes as part of dressers. So, you can get a 2-in-1 to save space if the nursery is small. There are so many distinct styles and designs to choose from. If you decide to get one, place it in an optimal place. That would probably be somewhere near or between the crib and the dresser. As a space-saving option, some cribs combine a changing table that you can fold down when not in use.


Babies require plenty of things besides clothes, so you should consider some additional storage options. For example, you can get some shelves to store various baby accessories and toys. Babies also require special cosmetic items; you can consider which ones to place in their room and which ones in the bathroom. These include diapers, baby powder, wet wipes, burp cloths, and so on. They also have unique bedding and blankets. 


When it comes to lighting, you should rethink it. First things first, the nursery shouldn’t be too bright. Babies need a lot of sleep, especially in the first months of life. Make sure it’s dark enough, but it has options for daylight when necessary. You can blinds, curtains, and shutters to darken the room. Also, the lighting shouldn’t be too harsh. Instead, it should be soft.

Moreover, it would be great to install dimmers on all lights. In that way, you can control the morning and don’t risk waking the baby up by turning on the bright overhead light. It would help if you also considered adding strategies for task lighting around the room.

Baby room decor

Finally, you can move on to the final touches, including the decor, when you have finished all the above. You can put up some artwork or photos. You can place some toys and books. Moreover, you can protect your baby in the crib with a suitable cot bumper set. You can also hang some musical crib toys; babies love these. 

Hopefully, this post helps you start your nursery design as a parent-to-be. So start on time, research, and find the best items for your little bundle of joy.