Lesser Known Cities in Finland You Must Visit

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It is a beautiful, mysterious country known for its stunning forests, spectacular aurora displays, unspoiled wilderness, and love for saunas. Finland has many magical places that you can explore and discover. Here’s my selection of Finland’s most stunning cities to see, from the breathtaking landscapes of Finnish Lapland to the creative bistros that serve cloudberry liquor-swilling Helsinki residents.

Joensuu, North Karelia

cc It was the biggest harbor city in Finland at the end 19th century. It played an important commercial role between North Karelia, Europe, and the rest of Europe. It was a dominant location for forestry companies and institutes. The city is still a central hub for universities. If you are interested in studying here, Katalin and I did.

The lifestyle of its residents is also a highlight. Joensuu is the only place in Finland where strangers will talk to you on the bus. You risk being approached by strangers if you are walking on the streets. However, your jeans will make you stand out from others. Many people wear tracksuits or outdoor clothes every day. Joensuu also has a large gay population. A curious statistic shows that Eastern Finland has the second-highest percentage of firearm owners after Lapland.

It’s worth a visit for its beautiful nature and fascinating culture. Most people visit the town for the Ilosaari Rock Festival in summer or go to the nearby Koli National Park, one of Finland’s most famous national parks. Forests and lakes surround Joensuu. This is why outdoor clothing is so popular. Both young and old citizens enjoy spending their free time activities. In winter, for example, the city is quiet, but people can ski, skate, fish, or have a barbecue on the ice.

To be able to travel in Finland, you should check out the new travel regulations.


The city of Hameenlinna is a great place to see Finland’s history. This quaint inland city was once one of the most important in Finland. You can visit many attractions here, as it was an important international port until the 19th Century. It would help if you took the time to explore the surrounding areas. You will be happy you did.

The heart of the town is its market square, which is also the ideal place to discover the city’s history. The Museum is dedicated to Jean Sibelius’ childhood and the city’s church. You can also find unique souvenirs at Wetterhoff House, a charming 19th-century home. Another great place to visit is the Hameenlinna Art Museum. In two buildings, the Museum houses many types of visual art. You will find both modern and older pieces of Finnish art in the collection.

The town square is a great place to learn about Hameenlinna’s history. The town has a lovely market square, which also houses important buildings. The Skogster Museum is located in the middle of the city and exhibits ancient art. This church is a prominent place of worship in the city, and its architecture has an old theme.


There is a 34% Swedish population in the town. The Swedish community has many connections to Sweden. The heart of the city is the vast market, surrounded by various cafes, restaurants, and shops.

This peaceful area offers many activities. Visitors are welcome to visit the coastline from the town’s entrance, all the way down to the sea. Other attractions include the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art near the harbor, the Ostrobothnian Museum, and the Terranova Kvarken Nature Center.

The Tikanoja Art Museum and Vaasa Marine Museum are also available. Tropicana and Tropical Resort are waterparks housed in a dome heated with slides, pools, and saunas. They can be found on an island east of the city. South of Vaasa is the popular Soderfjarden crat.


Every town in Finland offers something that makes your visit worthwhile. Savonlinna, the oldest city in the eastern region of Finland, is no exception. Its architectural design is distinctive and timeless. Savonlinna, the largest lake in Finland, will leave you speechless.

The Olavinlinna Castle, which hosts the Savonlinna Op Festival, is its most prominent feature. Savonlinna is a small town with cafes, cozy restaurants, friendly people, and caf├ęs.

It is easy to get to the town by choosing to travel by air, road or train. Because you can see the stunning landscape from Helsinki to Savonlinna, we recommend traveling by train or road. It is located 335 km from Helsinki. It takes approximately four hours to travel by train, and only about one hour by plane.

Final Thoughts

Finland is known for being the most romantic country on the planet, ranging from the happiest place on Earth to the edge of the Arctic. Finland is known for so many beautiful things.

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