How to Look Put Together for Work Fast

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How to Look Put Together for Work Fast

Many of us have been working from home for the past couple of years. And along with the later morning rises, comfier clothes, and ‘camera off’ button options, we are horrified that we now have to start putting a brush through our hair and finding some trousers we have not worn for two weeks instead of having an extra hour lie in sans commute time.

For those that do not want to give up those stolen, precious minutes in the morning while having to go back into the office, this piece will help you determine how you can look put together for work fast with little effort.

Let the snooze button pressing commence.

Look Clean

The number one tip for looking put together is to look like you have your hygiene in check. Not only is this important for how you will feel in yourself and while you are at work, it is also high on the priority list for those who also work with you. While looking clean sounds simple enough, it does involve some grafting. For example, personal hygiene like showering, washing your hair, and brushing your teeth is a must. Regular trips to the salon to help keep your hair in good condition and consistent trips to a trusted dentist such as Enhanced Dental Studios Redcliffe to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and happy should also be on the agenda.

Have a ‘Go To’ Uniform

Having a signature style or a uniform, as some call it, can help take away all of the angst you might have in the mornings over choosing a work outfit, which will also save you time! Design a work capsule wardrobe, or put together some go-to outfits that you know you feel and look good in, ready to go every morning that you need them. You will also want to make sure these are clean (no coffee stains or lunch spills!) and that they fit you well. You will have dressed intentionally, but look like you have spent much more time putting your outfit together.

Keep Your Shoes Scuff-Free

If you are looking suave and polished in every other way, but then eyes roam down to your shoes and see scuff marks or mud, it can immediately shatter the ‘put together’ illusion.

It only takes a few minutes to get rid of any mud or dirt that has found its way on the side of your shoes from the day’s activities or to polish off any scuffs that are really noticeable. That way, your shoes can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your outfit.

Simple Hair Styles

Managing your hair into a simple style can do wonders for looking put together for work. It can be easy for hair that looks unbrushed to make it seem like you have just rolled out of bed, so stick to styles that look sleek and can stay put no matter what the weather.

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