How Can We Drink Water in a Suitable Way?

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How Can We Drink Water in a Suitable Way?

With 70% of an adult’s body weight being water and an even more significant percentage of children’s water, life would not be possible without water. Water is involved in all the physiological activities of the human body: metabolism, digestion and absorption, transport of nutrients, excretion of waste, circulation of body fluids, balancing body temperature, lubricating joints, and maintaining blood volume.

But that doesn’t mean we have to drink excessive amounts of water. There was a report of a man admitted to the ICU for water intoxication due to excessive water consumption in one day. Water intoxication is caused by hyponatremia caused by diluting the blood with too much water, so there is abdominal distention, edema, followed by symptoms such as confusion, seizures, and severe headaches.

We need to drink water every day in our daily lives, but are you really drinking in the right way?

Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water

Breathing, sweating, skin unobtrusive evaporation, every moment is taking away water; we should not wait until the body signals thirst to drink a lot of water because when we feel thirsty, the body has a significant lack of water.

When you go out or work, you can take a glass of water with you and drink two sips every once in a while to replenish the moisture lost by your body.

Don’t stick to 8 glasses of water

It is recommended that we drink 1500-1700ml of water a day, an ordinary drinking glass 200ml, which originates 8 glasses of water a day. However, for patients with prominent edema, oliguria, or anuria, and other impaired kidney function, too much water will increase the burden on the kidneys and heart, so control the intake of water and strictly convert the daily information with the daily output.

Do not drink unfiltered water directly

As we all know, tap water contains many substances that may be harmful to our bodies, such as lead, fluoride, and some heavy metals. Because they are colorless and tasteless, we cannot remove these substances directly. So that we need a water filter(like edr1rxd1 water filter or edr3rxd1) to filter out these substances for us.

Do not believe in drinks with effect

The most significant effect of water is to maintain the everyday life activities of our body; to ensure clean, hygienic white water is the best choice. As for the advertised spring water, mineral water, soda water, etc., to promote other health benefits, there is no reliable research to endorse these expensive water will be better for the body than the white water we drink every day.

Drinking water in the morning is better than drinking water in bed at night

Drinking a lot of water at night before going to bed may increase nighttime urination and affect sleep. Some people have poor kidney function, which can lead to increased edema the next day.

We sleep at night, after a whole night of skin breathing evaporation, as well as urine excretion will consume a lot of water, the body is generally in a relatively dehydrated state in the morning, the blood becomes concentrated, viscous, early morning drinking water not only can replenish moisture can also increase detoxification.

Drinking a lot of water at once is harmful

Many people will feel thirst after going gym. They will drink a lot of water. The water accumulates in the stomach and intestines at once, and the stomach feels heavy and stuffy, but it also affects the diaphragm activity, affecting normal breathing. A large amount of water into the blood can make a rapid increase in blood volume, the heart burden suddenly increases, resulting in abnormal heart and lung function. Thirsty binge drinking will make the water and salt in the body fluids out of balance, which may cause severe gastrointestinal pain or endanger life safety.

Drinking water to replenish minerals? Exaggerated!

Many mineral water brands often mention in the publicity that drinking mineral water can help the body replenish minerals, which is more beneficial to health. We see the water labeled “the water contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and other natural minerals and trace elements required by the human body,” but do not rush to pay. “Drinking water to replenish minerals” this statement somewhat exaggerates the role of drinking water, a pure gimmick. Our daily drinking water is to replenish the body’s moisture, as long as it can provide water is enough, after all, we have to eat ah! Drinking water in calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals, but also far less than the mineral content of food.

Some businesses that promote mineral water deliberately stress that pure water does not contain minerals is “poor water,” long-term drinking will lead to a lack of minerals in the body, harmful to the body. This statement is too wrong pure water, and again, the human body supplements minerals and trace elements mainly by food! Pure water is through the RO membrane will be the original edr1rxd1 water filter reverse osmosis treatment, this treatment can be almost all inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, bacteria, and viruses removed from the water, safety is more secure so that pure water is actually a convenient, healthy choice.

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