3 Tips for Getting the Best Result in the Gym

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Everyone hits a gym with the dream of a trim and toned body. But the best result in the gym is only gained by head bent determination and sweating efforts. Unfortunately, no matter how determined you enter the gym, you tend to lose that resolve after some time. The basic rule for everyone out there who is all set to begin their route to fitness in a gym is to stay determined. The current article rounds up three basic tips, courtesy of all the latest research in the field, to get the motivation and resolution for your gym regime this season. We will call it Big 3s workout tips for beginners. The big 3s are the right combination of exercises, the right music, and the right outfit. These three tips will maintain your resolve from the first moment in a gym to the last minute of the session. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Motivational music

If media sites are full of workout motivational tunes then this is for some reason. Music sets the tone for you and brings you into a certain mood. Moreover, for some people, it sets the focus too by helping in shutting out the world and streamlining their focal point to the task at hand. Research says that music diverts our focus from physical fatigue, particularly in exercises with lower-intensity exercise.

The level of fatigue heavily depends on the fitness and stamina of a person, but music helps you push yourself harder when you are working out to shed some fat. Karageorghis and Terry (1997) reviewed the psychophysical impact of music in exercise and sport. They concluded that it alters the aroused state of mind, which results in enhanced exercise performance. In short, music ‘psyche’ one up to exercise better.

Additional research (Kravitz 1994) directly connects auditory neurons with motor neurons. In short, the music helps in coordinating the motor and movement during exercise. For instance, moving to the beats during a fitness class makes your body sync with them, which consequently boosts self-confidence too. All these factors make a positive association between music and exercise.

Like fast rock music can fire you up for your exercise routine, a softer tune can bring your heartbeat rate back to normal after exercise. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology researched a sample of 30 individuals, both men, and women. The research proved that when people listen to slow music after their workout session, they recover faster from a high heartbeat. Perkins, the legendry American singer, and songwriter stated that music elevates dopamine and serotonin levels in a body. Both are hormones that help in faster recovery.

  1. The right combo

Do you want the quick and maximum result out of your fitness regime? Make the right combination of your workout routine with the help of your instructor. Some people go into cardio, which helps them shed weight, but with the right mix of resistance exercises (using weights), they can maintain their fitness longer. Also going directly into the workout routine and ending it abruptly is injurious for the muscles.

Therefore, throw some suitable stretching into the mix too. According to an Austin State University research (Gergley, 2013), people who do light leg stretches can squat with 8.36% more weight than those who do ordinary bend and hold warm-up exercises. Likewise, a cardio workout helps to burn more calories. However, combining it with a weight-training exercise will help you keep your metabolism elevated for a longer time. Thus, the ideal workout program for most effective results needs a combo of cardio and resistance with the right kind of stretches before and after the sets. Another necessity of your daily workout system is the intervals between the exercises.

A study at Human Performance Laboratory (the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) observed that people who performed workout exercises (pushups, squats, burpees, and lunges) with 20 minutes intervals in total, burned 15 calories per minute. It is almost double the rate that a person can burn during long runs without the intervals. For a similar result, fitness gurus recommend performing reps for 20 seconds, taking a 10-second break, and repeating the sets for four minutes in total. Rest for another minute after four minutes of repetitions and then resume to complete the four rounds.

  1. The right gym-wear

Gymwear can affect your workout plans tremendously. Wearing compression clothes is beneficial in many ways. Perrey and Estivalet, (2009) wrote in their book ‘The Engineering of Sport 7’ that compression clothes increase circulation, endurance, and muscle recovery. It also helps to decrease muscle vibration. Less muscle vibration prolongs muscular stamina and reduces the level of blood lactate which negatively affects muscular health. Your gym clothes should also have the properties to maintain the balance of your body heat because heat retention in the body causes a rise in tissue temperatures.

The increased tissue temperature can lead to extra physical stress, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke. Moisture-wicking shirts are best to wear during a workout. They absorb body heat and sweat from your body, and the fabric helps in quick evaporation. As a result, your body and your shirt remain cool and dry. Therefore, the right combination of your gym wear should include compression tights, as your leg muscles support most of your weight during workouts. You should wear a nice pair of trainers as they help feet movement, particularly lateral, which is beneficial in all types of exercises. Throw a sleeveless hoodie over the tights and trainers as you want your upper body to be flexible and comfortable. 

The above Big 3s of beginning a workout regime will surely take you to the healthy and fit body you desire. If you are starting your gym session in near future then download lots of workout music. Make a workout plan with the right combination of stretches, cardio, and resistance exercises. Shop for some comfy gym clothes including, some pairs of compression tights, moisture-wicking sleeveless hoodies, and gear up for your gym session of the season. 

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