FUT Hair Transplant- Benefits that You Must Know

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Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the full name for FUT hair transplant. It is a modern technique to restore hair loss caused by genetics and hormonal imbalances. These days, it is a viable solution for individuals suffering from male and female pattern baldness. Hairs will be relocated from one area of the head to another by harvesting from donor sites. You can undergo this hair restoration technique by consulting a board-certified surgeon. The process of this technique involves removing a strip of hair grafts. The extracted grafts are then implanted in the bald areas of the head using specialized tools. Despite the surgical procedure, FUT has plentiful benefits that you must know.

Form Natural Hairline

The striking benefit of this technique is that it delivers hair restoration results with a natural hairline. There is no longer a necessity to have plug-like hairs that can create a bizarre look. But the treatment of FUT hair transplant in Los Angeles creates a normal hairline. A hair surgeon would make tiny holes into your bald scalp to implant the hair grafts. These grafts would grow like natural hairs to cover the bald scalp. 

Budget-Friendly Treatment

Another perk you can enjoy by choosing this hair transplant is its inexpensive cost. It is less expensive than other forms of hair restoration, such as FUE. The reason is that it implements less time to harvest the hair grafts. A surgeon can cut the entire strip of hairs to separate the grafts for implantation. Thus, it makes the procedure faster and requires less effort as well. So, the cost of this hair transplant can suit your budget for attaining aesthetic goals.

Covers Larger Baldness

With this technique, a hair surgeon can target hair follicles from healthy donor areas. Therefore, FUT can cover the larger bald area on the head. In a single session, you can expect to cover a bald head with fuller and thicker growth of hairs. A single session of FUT hair transplant can implant up to 5000 hair grafts. So, you can have fuller coverage of healthy hair grafts on the head.

Permanent Hairs

FUT gives perfect results with permanent hair implants. The hairs will grow naturally when implanted into the roots. Well, it takes 8-12 months for proper hair regrowth, but the results would be everlasting. You will not have to depend on topical hair growth solutions after this hair transplantation.

Minimal Scarring

Scarring from the FUE technique is virtually undetectable. This is one of the most significant advantages of this technique, especially when other hair transplant techniques are less than sterile in terms of scarring. In that regard, FUT is considered quite close, but it requires intensive care for more than three months after surgery to minimize scarring. However, because FUE is a minimally invasive technique, there is no such problem. This advantage also allows you to wear any hairstyle you want because you don’t have to hide any scars on your scalp.

No Shaving Required

This technique would not require shaving the head to harvest the hairs. This would save the surgeon’s time since the strip of skin tissue will be cut directly. Therefore, you can hide the linear scar on the back of the head under your hair. Moreover, the scar can be concealed using cosmetic techniques. So, there is no need to consider FUT as a scar creator hair restoration method.

Higher Success Rate

You can achieve greater success by getting a FUT hair transplant in Los Angeles from a skilled hair surgeon. You can yield 95 to 98 percent success with this treatment. This means that maximum numbers of implanted hair grafts will grow naturally. So, you can have extreme results with fuller hair growth on your head. Well, transplanted hairs will fall out as a natural process of restoration.

Fast Recovery

You can get faster recovery from this hair restoration procedure. In 10 days, your head will be healed and scab-free. The new hairs will start to grow after 3 months. However, you must follow the hair surgeon’s aftercare dos and don’ts. You can recover from FUT without many complications.

Keep Longer Hairs

With FUT hair transplant in Los Angeles, you do not need to keep shorter hairs. The technique is suitable for individuals with long hairs on the sides and back of the head. The implanted hairs can easily match the donor’s hairs to create a definite look.

Greater Hair Quality

This technique can give you greater hair quality as hair grafts will be monitored through the microscope. The surgeon would check high-quality hair follicles for implanting them into bald spots.

To Sum Up

There is no doubt that FUT hair transplant is a good technique to restore hair. It works remarkably to deliver high-quality hair restoration results. These benefits are enough to let you think positively about undergoing the treatment. So, you can make an initial consultation with your hair surgeon to seek your potential. Despite the surgical procedure, it is a safe and result-driven technique to restore fuller and thicker hair growth.

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