Essential Questions When Choosing a Hybrid Event Platform

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Hybrid Event Platform

Choices need to be made after a thorough thinking session, or prepare yourself to feel guilty and frustrated all the time. Choosing the wrong hybrid event solution for your next event can be dangerous and create many problems. If you are thinking, “Is it really a genuine thing to think about?” then yes, it is.

A research study shows many potential prospects go from trade fairs and expos without much exploration of the whole event due to poor interface and user experience. So, if you are thinking about how to choose a good hybrid event platform, we have prepared a list of questions you need to ask your service provider to cater to all the issues you can face due to a poor medium. Keep reading till the end to know the diverse questions, so you don’t miss any.

What Are Your Minimum Requirements? 

Before diving into the technical specifications, let’s dive into the basics first, as there are many features or requirement which is too basic in nature and need of everyone. 

Easy to use

As a host, it is necessary to rely on hybrid event software that is easy to use and relatively simpler to set up. A user-friendly interface is recommended so every user can experience all the features. 


Like your physical event, you will need the edge to customize the event. Regarding registration forums, attendees’ emails, apps, and virtual environments you are creating. There may be things that are different when discussing customization in the physical event regarding logo placement, sponsors’ banners, and others. Additionally, think of specialized speeches of guests, speakers’ sessions, and the dedicated space while adding the touch of engagement with chats, emoticons, and gamification. 

Data & Security

This is something crucial to think of. Every piece of information that you share with your attendees needs to be safe and secure with channels. 

How will the registration go smoothly?

Every event runs because of the participants, so how can you miss the easy registration process? So, ensure that registrations take place with an easy procedure and without any hassle. 

This is much easier with a single event management system that can handle registrations from sign-up to check-in. However, if you are using different tech stacks, you will have to put in more behind-the-scenes work to bring everything together.

How do hybrid event services make sessions interactive?

There is much more distraction for someone joining virtually. So, to keep them engaged till the end of the event, choosing the right hybrid meeting software can ease the work. Well, it is not that complicated. Many tools can facilitate engagement. Just think of adding features like chat rooms, forums, breakout sessions, and in-session tools like Q&As, live polling, social sharing, quizzes, and surveys.

How will your audience network and connect with other attendees?

Many people attend the event to increase their social network and improve connections. If this component is missing from your overall hybrid event, then you are missing something big. There is an option if you build an arrangement for interactive sessions between in-person and virtual attendees.  

However, there is no definite issue with doing this. Still, only a hybrid event platform that offers complete customization will be able to do this, not the software version, as they have pre-installed features. 

How will you promote sponsors and engage exhibitors?

Sponsors have the best opportunity with such hybrid events as they have two different audiences to promote their products and services. At the same time, the ability to showcase other sponsorship ads in both dynamics is an added advantage. 

Hybrid events are best for sponsors, and with many platforms for different formats of events like the hybrid fair platform, hybrid summit platform, and hybrid expo platform, it is easier to choose. 

A hybrid event can have huge potential in generating many leads and cate both attendees by showcasing the trade show floor to physical, domestic as well as international prospects. 

Will the hybrid event solutions provide data and analytics?     

The success of any event depends on the number of people who attended and whether the set objectives were achieved or not. Well, with hybrid events, you can check the data and analytics of both the events that go on virtually and in person. The hybrid event solution provider can track all of them. And if your hybrid event service provider is ready and able to promise to give you real-time data, then you can think about them.

Additionally, the data will help you to improve the next event. But first, understand what kind of data the tech team will collect and if it is helpful for you or not. If not, then ask them about your requirements. 


Every organizer and business planning hybrid events need to understand the importance of a reliable tech partner capable of solving every issue while working on your requirements. Not someone who offers what he can do. 

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