Create Your Own Dog Walking App Services Like Uber

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Dog Walking

According to IBIS World Industry Statistics-United States, the market size of dog walking apps is annually growing between 2017-2022 at the rate of 1.8%. And their revenue is around $4.5 million and is expected to reach $8.8 million at the end of 2027.

So if you are planning to invest money to create your own dog-walking app like Uber then you need a dog-walking app development services that will help you to turn your dream into reality &  it can be a good decision to earn more profit.

How does a dog walking app help many dog owners to complete their responsibility in a classy way?

Using the dog walking app anyone can hire an expert for their dog who will take care of the dog and also teach, bathe, feed, and take them for morning or evening walks. Due to a busy schedule, people can not give proper time to their pets but thanks to on-demand dog walking services help to serve their responsibility in a good manner.

Key points:

  • You can track the live location of a dog at any time using the app
  • Get timely notifications for new updates in dog walking services
  • Multiple payments gateways
  • Find nearby professionals dog walkers
  • In-app chat or call facility

How to create a dog-walking app?

The development process of a dog-walking app depends on multiple factors. Some of the essential points we will discuss here are.

  • Deep Research And Analysis Of Your Plan
  • Proper Budget Calculation
  • Unique And Bugs-Free Solution
  • Check The Scope Of Your Idea
  • Excellently Complete Development Process
  • Proper Deployment

Deep Research And Analysis Of Your Plan

To achieve milestones in any business you need to do proper research and analysis of your idea. Deep research always protects you from going into trouble and helps to lead this competitive world.

Proper Budget Calculation

Before stepping into developing a dog walking app it is essential to do proper budget calculation because sometimes you leave the projects in the middle due to lack of funds so it’s better to achieve your goal and make a proper budget.

Unique And Bugs-Free Solution

We are human beings and we all love smooth and bug-free applications so whenever you create a dog walking service try to make it error-free.

Check The Scope Of Your Idea

What a pathetic or sad feeling comes when you work hard with full dedication and you do not get the results you want. So always first check the scope of your idea then start to work on its execution.

Excellently Complete Development Process

You have a brilliant plan or idea in your mind and you want to execute it in the real world but the question comes to your mind how?  And the answer is you can take help from mobile app development companies or solution providers to develop a classy app for your project.

Proper Deployment

Deployment means app installation or configuration on the google play store or apple store. Where your target audience easily downloads and uses. Proper deployment helps users to select their own platform.

How much does the development cost of a dog-walking app?

A dog walking app development cost depends on various factors like features, complexity, development team size, total development time, used technologies, and selection of platforms.

So answering such a question is not an easy task but here we categorized development costs into 3 parts.

  1. Basic features of dog walking app
  2. Medium features dog walking app
  3. Advanced features dog walking app
  • Basic features dog walking app

Creating a basic features dog walking app takes around 80-120 hours and the development cost comes to around $5-10k.

  • Medium features dog walking app

When we go with medium features of the dog walking app then it will take around 120-150 hours and the development cost comes to $10-15k.

  • Advanced features dog walking app

A Dog walking app development cost depends on their advanced features if we add extra or advanced features to the app cost automatically rises. So the dog walking app with advanced features will take around 150-200 hours and the development cost comes to around $15-20k.

Here, we discuss only Indian developers. They generally charge $ 10-80 per hour.

Before entering the competition you should know who is your adversary in the market

In the running time, every sector is filled up full of competition and if you want to keep yourself ahead in the race then you should know who your rivals are and how they are working. Let’s see the top 5 competitors in this blog below.

  1. Rover
  2. Paway
  3. Fetch! Pet Care
  4. Barkly Pets
  5. Amiko


It is the best dog walking app you can hire experts and also this app allows users to post pics of their pets. here you will get a real-time navigation system that allows dog owners to check or keep eyes on their dog-child. Using this app is very simple and easy for anyone and they can hire dog sitters in just a few clicks on their smartphones and be free from their hectic responsibility. If they want to chat with dog sitters they can do so using the app.

Available:                                     iOS and Android

Price:                                            Free(No Cost)


Paway is a boon for those dog owners,  who do not have sufficient time due to their busy schedules. here you will get experts with the per-hour prices and services. They share safety alerts and tips in real-time. you will find special offers on the festival session.

Available:                                   Google play and Apple store

Price:                                          Free

Fetch! Pet Care

The dog walker services like Fetch! provide a lot of features to their users you can monitor dogs’ live locations, share photos, report cards, and more. This app allows searching local areas where you can feed shelter dogs. Here every pet care service provider is fully trained and their background verified.

Available:                                         Android and iOS

Price:                                                Free

Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets is the best dog walking service provider using this you can book trainers for your dog and it is good for daily booking for dog walking, they provide a facility to meet the dog sitter before booking them. here every dog walker is verified with their id proof and provides safe and secure services to their users.

Available:                                               Apple and Play Store

Price:                                                      Free


Amiko comes with simple and funny features to make walking more comfortable for your dog’s son.

Using the app users can save their walks and review reports like walk, duration, and distance.  Users get options to click pics in real time and upload them using the app as well as share in real-time.

Available:                                                Android and iOS

Price:                                                       Free

Finally words

In this blog, we discussed the development process of an on-demand dog walking app, development cost, competitors, and market stats. This blog will help you to create your masterpiece and make the right decision for your dream project. For more information, you can take the help of developers. They may assist you better with all pros and cons during the dog walking app development.

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