Compare and Contrast Online Learning and Face-to-Face Learning

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Online Learning

Online learning and traditional learning are the two most popular educational methods up to the present time. Both forms of learning have outstanding advantages but also have certain disadvantages. Let’s analyze and compare the advantages and disadvantages between online training and traditional teaching!

What is online learning?

Online teaching is a form of education and learning based on the connection of the Internet. Lecturers and students can both participate in learning and teaching right on the E-learning system, via computers, tablets, or smartphones with an Internet connection.

Advantages of online teaching

Maximum cost savings

With E-learning, teachers and students will no longer have to spend a lot of money traveling between their residence and the school, or the center. This helps reduce training time compared to traditional methods by up to 40% when the old method still requires participants in teaching to travel continuously with extremely long distances.

Another cost that can be minimized is the cost of renting space or buying land, buying a location to build a school site, the amount of money you have to spend to buy teaching tools, electricity, water, etc. paper, pens, ink, etc. When all learning materials and tests are electronic, people do not need to print too much paper to serve this need.

Students will also benefit from this, learners will save a lot of costs such as travel, school supplies, etc. In fact, due to the reduced costs as mentioned above. Therefore, the tuition fee through online training will also be less than the traditional learning method. Each student only costs the first time to register for a course and can actively register for as many courses as they need. Moreover, there are many discount codes and comptia student discount, pottery barn student discount that will help students save a lot of money.

Save time

Instead of spending time on commuting and commuting, teachers can use that time to create a suitable timetable, prepare an electronic lesson plan, spend more time teaching and practicing.

Improve the ability to teach and manage students

Online training makes it easier for lecturers to transmit information and lecture knowledge than usual when thanks to the support of teaching tools, the quick and seamless connection of sections, functions of the course.

In addition, the online training direction also allows the information to be automatically stored on the server, which can only be changed by the user of the course. Teachers can then evaluate, comment, and grade students through the saved answers.

Not affected much by space and time

You do not need to have a fixed study location at the school, center,  do not need to be on time, however, even if you are a teacher or a learner, you can still do your work at any place. anywhere, anytime.

On the other hand, online training is also a solution to support students in remote areas who cannot go to school to have the opportunity to study, even to receive a standard degree.

Increase self-awareness and proactiveness

Because online training is not subject to the pressure and urge of teachers, learners will be forced to actively arrange their study time to suit their life needs. They need to actively participate in learning and make a  flexible and effective study plan.

What is traditional training?

Traditional teaching methods have been passed down from generation to generation and are still highly effective teaching methods if done properly. You can understand that this method is teacher-centered. The teacher is the one who presents and interprets the knowledge, while the students listen, absorb, and learn more on their own.

Advantages of traditional teaching

Support and feedback

Online courses, of course, with the help of IT platforms, have improved to provide learners with reliable support and feedback. But is it comparable to working directly with your teacher to generalize issues? Probably not.

Fewer students taking online courses complete the course than those taking full-time on-campus courses. Whether this is due to the nature of the course or the level of student commitment to the course, looking at these results should be considered, especially for those of you who are unable to concentrate while studying at home.

The actual archive will still be richer

There are things you can’t learn on your own at home – that’s for sure. You will probably need specialized tools, equipment, and materials in practice to truly understand and become an expert in your chosen field. Because the E-learning system is built to meet the learning needs of many different subjects, the lectures are often rich, but just being rich is not enough. Sometimes you need more specialized knowledge and books.

Better for learning foreign languages

If you want to learn a  second or third foreign language, sitting at home is not the right way to study. Go out, and choose to study in a place where people are using the language you are studying, so you have the opportunity to practice and improve more.

Practice independence

Perhaps one of the biggest things that young people miss when choosing online learning is the opportunity to live independently.

This may not sound important at first, but it is actually for many people one of the most valuable things about attending college or participating in traditional teaching programs. This is an opportunity to learn important life skills like adapting and dealing with pressure, things that are difficult (but not impossible) to learn by sitting on the spot and learning online. It’s the push that forces you to step out of your comfort zone and rise.

Practice social life

Likewise, studying at home for hours on end can separate you from the experiences you would otherwise have had in a traditional classroom: getting to know each other, meeting friends…But what if you think Like a nightmare to study alone in an extremely quiet place, an online course is not the best choice for you. A community environment can make you more motivated to learn, help you see problems from many different perspectives, and you will get help from people when needed.

Should you choose online training or traditional teaching?

With the above sharing, you can completely consider choosing the right form of study for you. Some studies predict that in the future, online training courses will revolutionize the higher education system, and may replace traditional courses as they are today.

We must recognize that it is easy to see that online training is increasingly being upgraded and innovated and is ready to maximize its strengths for real education reform, as evidenced by the use of Educational management software in teaching makes online learning more and more accessible to more students.


Between online learning and traditional learning,  each has its advantages and disadvantages, which method is applied depending on the goals and conditions of each learner. Hope this article has been able to provide you with the most useful and necessary information. Good luck!