Changing Hatred into Interest through Math Tutoring 

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Math Tutoring

Let’s be honest, kids do not have a keen interest in math. 

Students partly hate math because they’ve never been taught the right way. Math tutoring Calgary services can develop the buried interest of your child in math and help them overcome complex concepts. If the child is not taught the proper techniques, they will ultimately lose interest and start hating the subject.

Accustoming Your Child with Math

Sit down with them. Give them a task to do. Start with something easy. When they accomplish that task, reward them for encouraging learning. Although after some time, your child might lose interest in the whole thing. They might even go back to being overwhelmed by math. This is where a trained professional should be hired. At Jim Williams Calgary tutoring services, I cater to every math problem and develop an interest in math in the child. 

Make it Easier for Them

If your child is under a lot of stress due to a load of assignments and tests from school, help them look at the problem from a different perspective.  See what they need to improve on and skip the easy tasks. Don’t make the child feel burdened; that will only make the whole process harder. At Jim Williams Math tutoring Calgary, I help students solve assignments by connecting the problem to real-life. This develops an interest and makes their concepts clear for a lifetime. 

Increase Practice for Math

As annoying as it sounds, it’s true; practice makes you perfect!

When you’ve seen where your kid needs the most help, focus on those problems first. Explain the parts to them thoroughly and let them do the rest themselves. Give them plenty of stuff to work on. When you see that your child has grasped the concept well, move on to the next one. My tutoring techniques involve taking the child up the ladder. Building a solid math foundation is a must, where the initial focus should be.  

Designate Time

Whenever you sit down with your child, set a timer. Fix a time to complete that task. Check how over or under they were and how many they got correct. When you give them a test-like environment by setting a timer, it will boost their self-confidence. They will be able to handle the exam pressure well. I employ the same technique in my Math tutoring Calgary services, and I’ve seen the change it brings in a student.

Stay Patient 

Getting upset with your child when they’re unable to accomplish something isn’t the best approach. Try to sit in his position and figure out where the problem is. Find the best possible solution for your child. Even now, if they cannot grasp the concept the way you wanted them to, don’t freak out. Keep a positive attitude towards them. Every child has a different learning scale. 

In my decades of tutoring experience, I have seen each child respond differently to math questions. I use a mix of these techniques to equip the child with the concepts. 

Explain Why Math is Used in Day to Day life

Another reason your child might have trouble in math is that they think math is not used in daily life. The truth is math is used in every profession thus holds much importance. Make them see where we use math every day. Give them examples like when they go grocery shopping and decide on several snacks they want to buy. They have to measure the ingredients to get that perfect flavor when they bake.

About Jim Williams Calgary Tutoring Services

Jim Williams is backed up by 30 years of math tutoring Calgary services. Over the years, I have helped many students overcome math problems and develop a profound interest in math. 

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