American Airlines Baggage Policy: What You Should Know

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American Airlines

When traveling, it is essential to know how to pack your bags. If you’re unsure what to bring, here’s a breakdown of American Airlines baggage policy to plan.

American Airlines baggage policy

American Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the United States. They offer both domestic and international flights. One of the things that sets American Airlines apart from other airlines is its baggage policy. One of the most important things about American Airlines’ baggage policy is that it requires all passengers to check their bags. This means that you cannot bring any bags on your flight. If you are flying with a companion, you must check your bag.

If you are flying with children, you will need to pack extra diapers, wipes, and food because they are not allowed to bring any luggage with them. American Airlines also has a reduced baggage policy for small children. Under four years old can bring a carry-on bag, and an accompanying adult must check a bag. Children 4-11 years old can carry on a carry-on bag and one piece of checked luggage. Children 12-18 years old can carry on a carry-on bag and two pieces of checked luggage. Finally, adults 19 years or older can travel without checking any bags!

How to save money with American Airlines’ baggage policy

American Airlines has some of the most stringent baggage policies in the air, but there are ways to save money with their requirements. One important note is that American Airlines allows one small item per passenger. This includes carry-on and checked bags. Anything more significant, such as a suitcase, will require an additional fee.

Another way to save on baggage is to consider purchasing an American Airlines travel bag. These are available in various styles and sizes and come with a discount. They’re always in demand, so you’ll likely get one at a deep discount. If you’re flying with children, check out the airline’s child-free section of its website. This can help you avoid paying for extra luggage that your kids may not use.

Lastly, be aware that American Airlines charges for oversized or overweight luggage. If your bag exceeds the airline’s weight and size restrictions, you will be charged for both the original and excess weights. So pack your bags wisely!

How to get an advantage in the airline’s baggage claim

If you’re looking to get an advantage in the airline’s baggage claim, you can do a few things.

Since cheap American Airlines is one of the most popular airlines globally, you’ll likely be dealing with their policies at some point.

  • -Know your rights: American Airlines allows passengers to check two pieces of luggage per person, regardless of weight. However, if your flight is oversize or overweight, you may be required to pay for a second check-in bag.
  • -Plan ahead: Make sure to read the airline’s baggage policy before booking your ticket. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what items are allowed and what will require extra fees.
  • -Follow the rules: American Airlines has specific guidelines for how baggage should be packed and transported. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to delays or even penalties.

What to do if you’ve lost your luggage

If you’ve lost your luggage on American Airlines, you can do a few things to track it down. First, check-in online or at the airport if you’ve already arrived. Americans may already have your baggage tracking information if you’ve checked in.

If you haven’t checked in yet, go to the American Airlines website and click on the ‘Track My Bag’ link. This will take you to a page where you can enter your flight number, bag tag number, and the name of your travel partner if you’re traveling with someone.


You’ve probably heard that American Airlines is changing its baggage policy. If you aren’t familiar with the new rules, here is a summary:

  1. -You can no longer bring carry-on bags and check your bags at the gate. You must check them in advance.
  2. -You are limited to one piece of luggage per person, regardless of the size of your bag.
  3. -You can only bring on board a carry-on bag that is no larger than 22 x 14 inches and weigh no more than 10 pounds.
  4. -Bags that are oversized, overweight, or don’t meet American Airlines’ carry-on bag restrictions will not be accepted, and you will have to check their baggage at the gate.

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