A Comprehensive Fleet Management System from Avis and Val soft

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The text kindness provided by Avis Car Sales Rental Connect is amazing. As for Avis Car Sales, our objective has always been to offer the most “straightforward” telematics solution for rental managers – from device configuration to information transfer through the Avis programming gateway to assessment. The final objective is to assist rental business directors in conserving time to pay their full attention to the operation of their own companies. We’re honored to be regarded as a valued partner of the Avis Rent A Car System with the Valsoft family, including Bluebird, Thermeon, and Navotar software products.

Our organization offers a full-service renting across the board option intended to assist you with growing and improving your rental organization. Not a generic arrangement that has been spruced up with Avis Car Sales rental-specific elements, but rather something that is rental-specific itself. We undertook considerable research and created particular solutions to address concerns such as continuous fuel and odometer monitoring, vehicle recovery, and, more recently, touchless pickup and delivery to better with Avis Rent a Car System by understanding the difficulties encountered by rental fleet managers.

What Factors Influenced Your Decision To Choose Avis?

Specifically, the Avis Car Sales Connect software was developed to aid rental firms incorrectly managing inventory and keeping automobiles on the road to generate money for the organization. You may find out more about how Avis Rental Connect can help you by watching the 60-second video shown below.

According to what Greg Pendleton, our Director of Business Development, is hearing from rental property managers at the moment, we asked him to outline the most essential features of the program and how Avis Coupon Code may be utilized in the future. His words were as follows: “I felt obligated to say:.”

The Asset Location Has Been Completely Redesigned.

Knowing where your Avis Car Sales automobiles are is just the first step in the process of locating them. However, would you be interested in getting proactive notifications when a vehicle enters or leaves a designated zone or crosses a state or national boundary if this were possible? There has never been an armada of this size before anywhere in the world. Our Live Map and adjustable geofencing features are comparable to GPS following… but with a considerable increase in performance above that of GPS following.

Readings On The Fuel Gauge And The Odometer That Stay Consistent

Avis Car Sales automation feature that our rental clients like the most are the constant updates they get on the fuel level and odometer readings in their cars. Additionally, it enables them to assist with the registration engagement by eliminating human information inaccuracies and enhancing the collection of gasoline money. Because of these traits, contactless pickup and delivery are also a breeze.

Vehicles Are Being Guarded And Retrieved Off The Road

Because of our own experience, we realize how annoying it can be when a vehicle is taken away, which one of the reasons Avis Rent A Car System created the Location Link feature is. This one-of-a-kind component assists operators in recovering cars more rapidly since it enables them to trade vehicle location information – gradually – with any outsider, such as the police or an automobile recovery organization, allowing them to recover automobiles more quickly. A tow alarm, which will notify you if your Avis Car Sales vehicle is being towed away from the spot you are, is also available.

Making Effective Use Of Vehicles In A Proactive Manner

The ability to distribute packages to the board of directors both on-site and off-site and our inactive stock exemption information is another feature that administrators like. It is possible for fleet managers to rapidly identify inactive automobiles, Avis Car Sales vehicles that are in for repair, and vehicles that have not been driven for an extended length of time using our technology. These nuggets of information help you to keep track of repeating patterns and, in the end, give the critical chance to utilize health information to arrange preventive services.

New Features Include: Conscious Maintenance

Before the pandemic, we didn’t speak about one component of our Smart Maintenance Avis Rent A Car System management that was very useful: the ability to monitor, plan and pay for maintenance at more than 25,000 trusted assistance offices across the globe. However, as the number of long-term rentals has increased, we have observed a considerable rise in the number of consumers using this feature.

Incorporation If you are locally accessible with Avis Car Sales, you will get these features instantly, and you will be able to access your dashboard on our user-friendly stage from a PC, an iPad, or an Android mobile device. For this reason, and maybe most importantly, Avis Rental Connect is designed to work in combination with Avis Rent A Car System, such as those offered by our partners at Velsoft.

As much as rental managers appreciate the Avis Car Sales platform as a stand-alone arrangement, we understand the significance of having a comprehensive resource at our disposal. As a consequence of the advantages provided by Avis Rental Connect, several rental armada managers take advantage of them right away. They then integrate counter framework joining as a “Stage 2” to their onboarding approach. We want to give you a living place that is adaptable and matches your requirements. Avis Rent A Car System and Valsoft collaborate to ensure that you are well taken care of!

Once You’ve Plugged In The Interface, You’ll Be Ready To Go

Avis is the favored rental car company among rental managers because we simplify the rental procedure. Accurate inventory management, Avis Rent A Car System monitoring daily, and readily accessible fleet information are all needed components for managing a rental firm properly.

Avis Rental Connect delivers simple but powerful highlights to tackle the complexity of the rental sector on a global scale. As a whole, this is a simple stage to use and navigate through. During a 10-minute presentation, let us illustrate how Avis Rent A Car System can assist you in safeguarding your resources and improving your firm’s performance.