9 Step Guide to a Killer Makeup Look Everyday

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9 Step Guide to a Killer Makeup Look Everyday

Finding the perfect swatch of lipstick that matches your skin tone is tough, but did we ever talk about discovering the perfect foundation match? Blending the eyeshades is yet another challenge, but nobody talks about the scary feeling of curling the lashes. Makeup lovers know it’s not easy, but the results are so worth it. Even if you are not the one who is fascinated with lots of makeup look, using it or not is a personal choice.

Makeup is an art that takes patience, time, and practice to learn, and with consistency, who says you cannot come close to James Charles and his skills. Sure, he has an expensive vanity with top-notch products, but with the wunderbrow coupons, you can easily shop for great makeup. Unfortunately, that’s not where the trouble ends. Buying makeup is one thing, but learning to apply it is where the results show up. Not meaning to disappoint you, but we have the best step-by-step everyday makeup look guide to complete your final look.

Following our steps, you will be a makeup pro in no time and learn how to enhance those beautiful features and flaunt that gorgeous natural skin tone.

Prepare your Skin for Perfect Makeup Look

You might be thinking about giving a pep talk to your skin and asking it to act right (tough love, maybe) but prepping your skin isn’t anything like that. Skin is the largest organ in the body which requires extra care. Taking the phrase, you are what you eat seriously should be your new goal because what you eat shows on your skin. And this is why most of the time, the makeup doesn’t look good.

Skin preparation is a constant process that you should be going on with all day, every day. Make sure you use proper sunscreen each time you step out of the house, don’t forget to take eight glasses of clean drinking water each day, and those vegetables you shove in the back of the fridge? Well, make a salad and eat because it will set you straight.


Primer is your buddy, and you will not realize it until you find a loyal one. Just because a good buddy doesn’t let you make stupid decisions, a primer won’t embarrass you anywhere. It helps your makeup look stay, and there is a very logical explanation for that. Makeup primers are a gel, cream, or liquid solution that fills in your small wrinkles, big pores, flaky patches, and bumpy textures, leaving nothing but a smooth surface for your makeup to glide over (which means your concealer or foundation won’t adhere to your dry areas). This also means you can wave that uneven skin tone a final goodbye.


You can take priming or moisturizing in any sequence but don’t skin either of these. Moisturizing your skin shouldn’t just be a makeup thingy but make it a common practice. Each night before you go to bed for a beautiful sleep, wash your face and then use a light moisturizer to provide ease into your skin. This will prevent wrinkles and fight to age since dry skin is more prone to stretch and permanent damage.

Color Correction for Amazing Makeup Look

To neutralize the appearance of any discolorations, open your color-correcting concealer palette before applying any foundation. If you need a reminder on how color correctors operate, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Green concealer will hide redness,
  • Purple concealer will hide dullness,
  • Peach concealer will hide dark circles,
  • and yellow concealer will hide various discolorations.

However, for an everyday makeup look, color correction is a choice, and you can skip it. If you feel that the dark patches are too stubborn to go away with a concealer, opt for color correction.


Many people like to conceal after the foundation, but it is also a great approach to do it before. If you are covering just to hide the dark areas, then do it before the foundation. However, if you wish to conceal and highlight a particular area, going after the foundation sounds like a wise choice. Either way, make sure to go easy on your concealer. After all, we know what a pretty goddess you are, and there is no point in painting the entire face with anything.


The tricky thing here! Matching the right shade is the trouble but always choose a foundation that matches your skin type. If your face is too oily, opting for a matte foundation may seem like a wise choice. If it is too dry, you must go for a dewy look, buy a liquid foundation, and choose a color that blends in the skin and does not show. The whole point of foundation is to let the makeup stay, not to hide that pretty complexion of yours.

Eye Makeup Look

After laying down, the foundation proceeds to eyes and let the eyes do the talking. Primer may help your foundation seem smoother, and it can also help your eye makeup look smoother. Apply an eye shadow primer on your lids before applying an eyeshadow. Open your neutral eye makeup palette and use a thick wash of nude shadow to your covers now that your lids are prepped. Then, in your crease, smudge a darker brown shade to enhance depth to your appearance, followed by a lighter shade along the bright brow bone to elevate the entire look.

Brown Eye Liner

This hack is going to make everyone fall in love with themselves. Dot your lash lines with brown eyeliner to open up your eyes a little. Make careful to dot rather than create a whole line. Rather than a robust and sharp line, this will appear more natural and give the illusion of thicker lashes. After doing this, you can opt for any liner you love over the top and make a straight line. Whether it be green, pink, red, or purple, we are all about colors. After getting done with the liner, go for a single or double coat of mascara.


For your everyday makeup look, we love to finish with a nude lip color!

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