Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

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Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Let’s move on to the full coverage makeup steps for oily skin. Getting full coverage makeup for oily skin and keeping it looking good all day is a challenge. But it is possible if you follow some tips and tricks you will get a better result. You can also follow Special beige makeup tips for oily skin.

Full Coverage Makeup Steps

1. Preparing the Skin for Makeup

As I said before, makeup will be beautiful and will look good when your skin is good. In addition to regular skincare, skincare should be done before the start of makeup.

  • First of all, clean the face with a face wash made for oily skin.
  • Then exfoliate on the skin. This is a very important step. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin. As a result, makeup will fit better.
  • Then you can put on a sheet mask if you want. However, it is optional. Apply toner before applying the sheet mask. And if you don’t apply a sheet mask, you just need to apply toner.
  • Apply moisturizer. But keep in mind that it is mattifying.
  • During the day, apply sunscreen. Busy !! If you do this, your skin is ready for makeup.

2. Prime for Makeup

Then apply mattifying primer. If you have pores on the skin, you can also use pore minimizing primer. Take a little primer in hand and apply it by lightly pushing it on the skin. If you do eye makeup, you must apply eye primer without applying concealer on the eyelid beforehand.

3. Foundation for Makeup

This time let’s move on to the most important step. Since we want to do full coverage makeup on oily skin, I would say, use a color character first. Apply color characters to all areas of your face that have spots or dark circles. This way you do not have to apply an extra foundation layer to cover the stain.

Now apply a little bit of foundation on all the places where you have applied color character and blend it with the help of a damp beauty sponge. You can use a brush if you feel comfortable. Apply with as much foundation as you need. Keep blending with. As seen many times, nose makeup comes first on oily skin. In this case, I do not use extra foundation or concealer on the nose. The foundation that survives in the beauty sponge does not blend the nose.

4. Concealer for Makeup

Nowadays normal face is highlighted with concealer. Isn’t it? In this case, also use matte-based concealer. Just apply and blend the high points of the face without using a lot of concealers.

5. Powder for Makeup

Those whose skin is extremely oily can do face baking with the help of loose powder. Apply a lot of loose powder on a dry beauty sponge under the eyes, forehead, nose, and chin. Leave it for 3-4 minutes and shake off the extra powder with a brush. After that, whatever you apply contour powder, blush, highlighter, everything will be better if it is powder-based.

6. Setting Spray for Makeup

The last step in beige makeup is setting spray. The setting spray helps to make the makeup last longer, to remove the extra powdery feeling from the face. In this case, also use matte finishing setting spray. At the end of the beige makeup, you must apply the setting spray on the whole face.

Makeup Protection on Oily Skin

After doing a lot of exercises, following a lot of tips, she did the makeup. This time we have to do something so that it is not wasted. Isn’t it? Let’s not know what we can do for protection –

  1. I mentioned above about buying blotting paper. The blotting paper absorbs the extra oil on our face. After a few hours, wherever it feels oily, lightly press it with a blotting paper, then it will be!
  2. Many people make the mistake that after applying makeup, face oil is applied to the skin with a lot of face powder. It becomes more cake! Whatever you do, after removing the oil with blotting paper, apply the powder on the whole face with the help of a powder brush. Then the touch-up will be done, along the makeup will be long-lasting.


Here’s a look at the full coverage makeup guidelines for oily skin. Hopefully, from now on, it will not be a problem to do full coverage makeup on oily skin. Stay well. If you want to buy authentic makeup products, you can buy from two physical shops of cosmetics, one located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Square, and if you want to buy online, you can buy from another authentic market that provides 100% real products. Real Products gives you the guaranty for your Skin Care.