5 Effective Ways To Increase Productivity Using Technology

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5 Effective Ways To Increase Productivity Using Technology

Every innovation has a vast impact on society. It is a common notion that technology has impacted every bit of our lives, from personal space to the workplace. Workplace patterns have immensely transitioned due to the technology boom. The work/life balance is changing; kudos to today’s modern technology. Mobile phones have made it impossible for employees to ever be off duty that increase productivity. Virtual connection and technology have merged the social and work life. Distractions due to the proliferation of technology have a direct impact on the success rate at work. Millennials at work often find themselves stressed for not being able to complete the tasks on hand.

Smartphones can be problematic and are the primary cause of delay and error in assignments or projects at work. Although there are multiple disadvantages of technology, self-regulation and using technology for our advantage can be game-changing. Studies reveal that using technology for employee behavior regulation can turn the tables. Leveraging the correct tools for monitoring the employees’ activities can increase higher productivity and success. While purchasing technology for the workplace, it must be kept in mind that not every piece of equipment can fit well in your existing work environment. Video monitoring of employees’ behavior can be better done using surveillance cameras. Mini surveillance cameras deter criminal activities and provide a safe work environment. Modern-day technology tools facilitate the adoption of reasonable practices that enable the employer to monitor employee’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability at work.

If you are finding ways to turn the tide by using technology to enhance property protection and monitoring your students/employees’ activities, then you are at the right spot. After reading about how modern technology such as Visual timers, CCTVs, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools, Mini surveillance cameras can vanish all your reservations about buying one for your own office/workplace.

Mini Surveillance Cameras

In addition to that, surveillance technology has a lot to offer in terms of productivity at the workplace. Technology can be life-changing; workplace monitoring can increase employee’s productivity. Mini surveillance cameras assist you in gaining insights into how your workforce is distributing and spending its time. This helps determine the loopholes in workplace management and curbing the causes that result in business productivity decline. These Mini Surveillance cameras allow the Human Resource personnel or the employer to monitor employees’ websites for leisurely activities. The ban on non-work-related websites during work hours will migrate the employees’ time to business-related tasks. In addition to that, Mini surveillance cameras offer you the best theft prevention service. ¬†Such mini surveillance camera includes the ‘WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera’ and ‘WIFI Streaming Nanny Cam Alarm Clock.’ These surveillance cameras are hidden inside the shape of USB chargers and Wall Clocks and cannot be detected. Some of these cameras also provide the night vision option. Mini Surveillance cameras offer value to your workplace by aiding in catching the employees involved in nefarious activities. They improve the employer’s ability to protect the company’s assets.¬†

Software-As-A-Service Tools

With the increase of remote work culture today, remote employees must stay connected as teams for effective collaboration and communication. Cloud-based applications are beneficial to small work setups. These applications enable the distributed workforces to reach out to customers and colleagues via cloud-based collaborative platforms. Video conferencing apps also make virtual meetings sessions possible. These cloud-based applications include conferencing applications like Google Meet and Zoom. The virtual collaborative work platforms, including the G-Suit and Microsoft Teams, are today’s digital technology blessings. Cloud-based scheduling applications such as Google Calendar are accessible on almost every electronic device. You can develop productive habits by setting goals and reminders using these time management tools. If the employees have the Sharepoint application installed on their devices, they can easily share documents and work securely on collaborative tasks such as presentations and team assignments. Office 365, Google Keep, Dropbox, and various other applications assist remote workers in managing and syncing documents.

Visual Timers

Knowing that the clock is ticking and the time is running out gives a productivity boost and helps us focus on our tasks. Visual timers provide a quick insight into our efficiency. Each mere glance at the timer offers us an idea of how much time has passed. This realization makes people more responsible, and they won’t spend time on mundane activities or chitchatting and socializing during work time. Employees’ better work performance allows employers to focus on more critical business ventures rather than wasting their time stressing about their employees’ efficiency at work.
Other highly demanded productivity gadgets and software include The book to screen scanner, smart pens, high-tech memo boards, wifi scanner wands, etc. These all smart technology wonders are pretty convenient and efficient. They help you stay on your schedule. Having a cozy high-tech office is all that an employee needs to give his best.


Technology has advanced so much that there is a wide array of office gadgets and tools that we can choose from to boost productivity. These productivity gadgets and devices make our work hours easier as they are time-saving and quite fun to play around with.

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