3 Reasons Why Laravel is Better Than Codeigniter

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Codeigniter is one of the most powerful PHP frameworks to work with. It is widely used by developers, who can create complex websites using this framework. In the competition between Laravel and Codeigniter, Laravel has always come out on top. Though both of these frameworks are really good, there are a number of reasons why Laravel is preferred over Codeigniter.

Laravel is easier to learn and understand

Laravel is a PHP framework that helps developers create web applications. It was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and was initially named after his cat named Laravel. The framework has become very popular in the web development community over the last few years due to its ease of use and large community support.

Codeigniter is an open source web application development framework based on PHP. It is one of the most commonly used frameworks in the world and has been around since 2006. Codeigniter allows developers to easily build powerful websites and applications with minimal effort.

Laravel is faster than Codeigniter

Laravel is a free, open source PHP framework for developing web applications. It was created by Taylor Otwell and intended to make the development of web applications simpler, faster, less complicated and more enjoyable.

Codeigniter is a free PHP framework that provides an elegant, structured way to build web applications while avoiding overheads such as configuration or compilation.

Laravel has been used in production by many big names like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Yahoo!, Codeigniter is used by many big names like Airbnb, Forbes and Tumblr.

The Laravel framework is fast, secure and follows the MVC pattern. It provides built-in authentication / authorization mechanisms with socialite (Facebook), oAuth2 services out of the box.

Codeigniter is a good framework, but Laravel is faster than Codeigniter. Codeigniter is a PHP framework for web application development. It helps in developing websites for small to medium size businesses.

Laravel has a richer set of features

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework. It is released under the MIT License and provides a full stack for developing modern, robust and secure web applications.

Laravel has a richer set of features than CodeIgniter, including built-in authentication, authorization and routing support, as well as support for model relationships and database migrations.

The Laravel Framework follows the MVC pattern: Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. It also incorporates many design principles from Ruby on Rails, which allows developers to write less code while remaining productive.

Takeaway: Laravel is vastly superior to Codeigniter

Laravel is a more modern framework than CodeIgniter. Laravel has been developed from the ground up to be a full-stack framework and it does a lot of things for you out of the box.

In Laravel, you don’t need to create your own ORM (don’t need to write SQL queries) or controller. In Codeigniter, you have to do this manually.

Laravel has a better database layer, which supports migrations and database seeding. This helps developers ensure that the database schema matches their models, which prevents some common bugs when dealing with databases.