Why Will Print Always Be Relevant in Today’s Digital Age?

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With the advent of digital media, there has been speculation about the decline of print. However, as a company with over two decades of experience in the print industry, we assure you that print is far from over. Business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, and merchandise, among other print media and marketing tools, continue to be in high demand and remain highly effective in targeted advertising and customer outreach. The only difference is that businesses now need to be creative in combining print and digital elements in their marketing strategies.

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The Power of Print

Print is far from dead, and the evidence to support this is undeniable. Despite the growth of email marketing and online advertisements, print is still a powerful tool. It has a higher brand recall rate than digital media, with 77% compared to just 46%, and printed mailers generate a response rate that is 30 times greater than email.

Why Print is Here to Stay

The continued relevance of print can be attributed to a few key factors. People are becoming overwhelmed by the vast amount of digital ads and marketing content they encounter every day, making it easier for print to stand out and grab their attention. According to Tyler Diebold, National Account Executive at Printing for Less, Print is more disruptive. We’re so used to seeing digital ads that we just tune them out. When you actually receive something in the mail, you stop and read it for a second.” Additionally, print engages multiple senses, making it easier for people to focus on and connect with the content.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Not everyone is connected to the digital world, and print provides a way to reach those who may not spend as much time online. Integrating print into a marketing strategy ensures that businesses are not missing out on a large demographic. As National Account Executive Nathan Gardner explains, “You can miss a large demographic with online marketing. For example, older generations don’t spend as much time online, and print works well to target them.” If you need to reach a broader audience, always look for a reputable express poster printing agency.

The Secret to Staying Current

To remain relevant in today’s world, print marketing must embrace digital media and work together as one. There are several ways to achieve this integration.

One effective way to combine print and digital is through QR codes. These codes, printed on posters, brochures, postcards, and more, directly link your business’s digital resources. This makes it easier for clients to access valuable information about your product or service. Additionally, QR codes are trackable, allowing your marketing and sales teams to gain valuable insights into potential prospects and measure campaign success.

Another way to merge print and digital is through discount codes. By including a unique discount code on a printed ad that can only be redeemed online, you can drive potential clients from the print ad to your website and increase sales opportunities. Offering discounts also makes people more likely to spend time reading a printed ad.

Digital engagement can also lead to custom mailers. For example, a digital campaign and landing page can invite users to submit their information and receive a free gift. This data shows the prospect’s interest in your business and allows you to qualify them as a lead. You can then send printed merchandise or kits, increasing in value based on lead quality.

A Successful Campaign is a Hybrid of Both

In conclusion, digital and print are stronger together and not in competition. Tyler Diebold from Printing for Less perfectly sums up the importance of a cohesive campaign, stating, “Your print and digital strategies must work together for the best results.”

Final Words

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