Why Should You Use Portable AC in Summer

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Why Should You Use Portable AC in Summer

Since India is a tropical wet and dry climate, this country is known for its harsh heat and humidity. People mostly use a ceiling fan, dessert cooler, or have to install an air conditioner at home and other living areas to beat the heat. Window and split ACs are the most commonly used AC that people use in India, but all these are a little hard to install and care for afterward. A very few people know about the third and the best type of air conditioner that is the portable air conditioner that you can move as per your need. All these available models need regular AC Service and cleaning to offer the best cooling.

Once you know about this kind of air conditioner, you will love portable AC features and would buy one for yourself and your loved ones. So, when it comes to the best portable AC in India, most consumers find difficulty in the final selection. There are two possible ways to find the best portable air conditioner in India with a lower chance of mistakes. You have to consider some points if you don’t want to have the customer care advice or call portable AC customer care for their expert advice. 

Points That Must Be Included While Purchasing A Portable AC for Your Home

Size-The foremost point to consider before obtaining a portable AC is its size. These AC’s cooling capacities are rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the BTUs, the more area covers an air conditioner. So, be specific to choose the exact size of the portable air conditioner with enough cooling capacity.

  • Energy Efficiency

Always buys an air conditioner after getting the energy efficiency ratio of the portable AC because it cannot perform beyond its maximum capacity. You should avoid buying a less efficient portable air conditioner and be a happy user.

  • Proper placement

Always decides to establish the portable air conditioner that should be placed near the window or any other available vents.

  • Check the noise level

Portable ACs are known to be creating noise as other ACs may do less. So, take care of this point while buying a portable AC.

  • Maintenance

You should clean filters on time as directed time if you want pleasant cooling. Make sure to defrost the unit entirely if ice builds up on the coils that elevate the cooling for sure.

Here are the notable Benefits of Portable AC

If you live in a borrowed room, the portable air conditioner is the best solution to beat the heat in the summers. Because it doesn’t need to install and so the permission from the owner for drilling the apartment. In case you have to change the room or city, it doesn’t need to uninstall or special packing to move from one place to another. The portable air conditioner can be a far better option to replace the air coolers because of its constant cooling.

If you owned a small place in a hot and humid area, then portable AC is also an excellent suitable option because of its economical features. The portable AC has three operational modes: air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier that helps in the complete elimination of hot and humid air. As you know, portable ACs are movable; you can place them anywhere in your home where you want its cooling the most.

Some Notable Features that must be in your portable air conditioner model

  1. Offers Constant Air Flow – The portable AC’s vertical structure will provide a steady, constant and robust airflow, which provides a constant temperature in your room.

2.  Easy to Move Feature – You can quickly move the portable air conditioner from one room to another without any difficulty but be careful about its wheel as it can be damaged when it can be handled harshly.

3.  Check for 3 in 1 Air Conditioner feature – The portable AC comes with 3 in 1 technology as it works solely as an air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier model. So, it effectively cools the room, dehumidifies, and ensures the optimum temperature inside the room.

4.  Extended Tank Capacity – generally, portable AC comes with 2 liters tank capacity that helps to keep your room cool & cozy for a long time so that you can beat the summer heat effectively and maintain comfort.

5.  Must-Have LED Display and Timer – The front display of LED lights will help you control the AC easily, even at night time, with separate buttons. Although coming to the timer option allows you to set a definite time limit in such a way, it gets shut off robotically. This will avoid overcooling and also conserves power and the life of the air conditioner.

6.  Anti-bacterial Air Filter – The anti-bacterial air filter will prevent the entry of the microbes, dust, dirt, and hair from entering the AC unit and thereby to the house. So, it lessens the contaminations in the air and thus offers clean and vigorous air. Also, you can easily clean the filter by using running water and make it clean.

The Bottom Lines About Portable Air Conditioner

If you don’t have an air conditioner, then now it’s time to have one of the best portable air conditioner models for your home. The portable air conditioner works better than other air conditioners as it doesn’t need any vents for cooling. There is the no better option to cool better than a portable air conditioner as every air cooling needs a lot of electricity.

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