Why Should You Pursue MIM from USA

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Have you considered earning a degree in leadership, entrepreneurship, or business management? The most significant degree on your list should be a Master of International Management (MIM). The Master of Management degree was first created in Europe to assist professionals in advancing their careers in their early stages. Additionally, even though you have never studied a management course, it aids you in gaining advanced general management expertise. Either a Master of Science (M.Sc.) or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree will be awarded to you upon successful completion of the MIM program.

In a top-notch learning environment, the MIM provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge. In addition, many business schools now require the pursuit of internship programs to promote students’ overall development. Due to its adaptability and alignment with the demands of the current global market, the MIM program is quite strong.

Why pursue Master of Science in Management (MIM) in the USA?

In every industry, the USA is home to some of the biggest businesses in the world. As a result, there are a lot of fantastic businesses in the U.S. economy, from agriculture to technology, looking for great business managers. So let’s examine a few justifications for enrolling in a Master of Science in Management program in the United States.

  • By 2028, there will be 706,900 new positions available for MIM graduates.
  • The typical annual pay for MIM students is $105,660 (INR 78.39 lakhs), which is higher than the average for other American jobs.
  • Up to 12.5% of managerial jobs go to international students.
  • The most outstanding business schools in the world are located in the United States.
  • Unlike an MBA, students can readily discover universities that don’t require work experience.

Top MIM Universities in the USA

The United States is home to some of the best graduate business schools in the world. After completing the course work at these institutes, you can pursue careers in consulting, project management, entrepreneurship, international business, and business analytics. The top institutions in the USA that offer MIM programs are listed here, along with their tuition costs, per the Q.S. News Rankings for 2022.

Name of InstitutionCourse Name & Tenure Total Course Fees
Stanford UniversityMS in Management Science and Engineering (18 months)USD 95,570 or INR 71.22 lakhs (yearly)
California State University, Los AngelesMSc in Business Administration (24 months)USD 28,000 or INR 20.77 lakh
Kellogg School of ManagementMS in Management Studies (10 months)USD 60,240 or INR 44.89 lakhs
Boston University- Questrom School of BusinessMS in Management Studies (nine months)USD 58,560 or INR 43.59 lakhs
Yale University- Yale School of ManagementMaster of Advanced Management (12 months)$76,770 or INR 57.14 lakhs
MIT Sloan School of Management MS in Management Studies (nine months)USD 78,954 or INR 58.83 lakhs

Cost of MIM Education in the USA

There are specific expenditures and expenses that international students who are living and studying MIM in the USA must pay. Program fees at the university and living expenses can be divided into two categories to better understand the total cost of earning a MIM in the U.S.

1. Tuition Fee 

The average tuition cost for studying MIM in the USA would be between USD 55000 and USD 80000, depending on the university and course specialization. Some top-ranked colleges may charge a higher program cost based on the benefits offered to students and the caliber of the education provided there.

2. Cost of Living

In addition to paying tuition at the university, students must also cover other costs. In the United States, many costs are related to housing, food, transportation, entertainment, study resources, etc. International students’ total monthly costs range from USD 1000 to USD 1500.

Scholarships in the U.S. for MIM

Scholarships are a sort of financial aid offered by U.S. universities and colleges. International students pursuing the MIM degree in the USA are eligible for these scholarships. Universities in the USA award scholarships based on the applicant’s qualifications and academic achievements.

Afterward, the scope will be as follows:

Many factors contribute to the popularity of the Master’s in Management among international students. 

  • First, they differ from traditional MBAs because they do not require work experience to enter the field. 
  • Second, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the United States.
  •  Third, MiM degree holders may earn an average salary of around $76,000 annually, or INR 56.43 lakhs.

Not only do businesses hire candidates, but also the federal government and Army institutions. Among the open positions are executive director, director of operations, project manager, operations manager, director of human resources, and so forth. Senior positions may have salaries as high as $96,000, or INR 71.29 lakhs.

Jobs Available in the USA After MIM

After earning a MIM from the United States, there are no restrictions on the possible professional paths. Top employers like Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Allen & Hamilton, Booz, and others always seek management specialists with sufficient sector knowledge. A MIM graduate from the USA typically makes around USD 76,000 annually. Once you have finished your MIM course, numerous work options are available. You may select from the following career roles: Business Analyst, Project Manager, Operations Manager.


A key milestone for students is admission to master in Management programs. Earning a MIM will transform your life if you want a successful career in the USA. Students who earn a MIM degree and have the necessary professional experience and knowledge of management principles can significantly contribute to their future. Although it’s normal to feel anxious, try not to obsess over the qualifying requirements and financial considerations.

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