Why Drupal is the Best CMS in 2022?

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Why Drupal?

Drupal is a free CMS software for small to large-scale organizations. It comes with various perks such as no vendor lock-in period, low costs, and a vast array of tools and software. It also has a huge community which is a place to learn and share your works.

It provides excellent power to implement a project quickly and creates enormous room for creativity and scalability of the project. Let us consider why Drupal CMS is the best for you in 2022.

Drupal improves with experience

Drupal CMS has become a significant leader in the field of digital content creation and digital marketing. This is an ever-changing field, and it becomes essential that the system remains updated with the latest trends in the market. Staying updated allows the system to be relevant to a broader audience and thus helps in the best delivery of the content. 

Drupal is automatically built with intelligent and artificial learning algorithms that allow it to be self-sufficient and learn with the Customer’s experience. Thus the more it is used, the better it gets.

A proper Web Experience Management System

Drupal has emphasized building a system that allows for the seamless integration of third-party apps into their environment. This has led to Drupal becoming a market leader in the CMS space. It is a web experience management system that provides you with the option to integrate your best customer reaction management software. 

This has propelled Drupal into the limelight for any organization that wants to integrate various technologies on its website. 

Focussed on the Customer and a Personalized user experience

If you are working in the marketing industry, it is widespread to have a customer-centric view that will allow you to reach out and satisfy more clients via your web services. Hence organizations, especially the Drupal development agency, have come up with Drupal 9, which provides the various tools necessary to build such a website. You should be able to make sales via your online platform, and Drupal is the perfect companion for creating such an environment. 

Connecting to the Customer and developing a personalized experience is vital for any online platform. Drupal Cms makes this task easy for you, thus allowing you to drive in more clients.

Here is how this is achieved:

The various reasons why Drupal has been successful in becoming a leader in a content management system.

  • Personalization

The modules are tailor-made to help you provide personalized content and express yourself to the maximum.

  • Enhanced caching capabilities

Provides excellent speeds and bug-free user experience.

  • Options and Flexibility

Multiple features allow you to design your websites according to your campaigns. 

  • Built-in block system

Built-in drag-and-drop systems allow you to arrange your texts and textures for various use case scenarios.

  • Flexibility in the layout for various marketing campaigns

The recent updates provide a layout builder module that can quickly build flexible landing pages and redesign older pages.

  • WYSIWYG editor

A very needed feature that allows you to proofread your ideas by providing you with the final perspective of the website before publishing.

  • Responsive design

Drupal ensures every user gets the best experience irrespective of their device by scaling and fitting the website accordingly.

  • Quick edit

Features allow you to save valuable time.

  • Social media modules

Allows for the seamless integration of your social media handles to your website.

  • Multilingual functionality

It helps you build a wider audience by providing linguistic features.

Taking care of all the back-end stuff allows you to design your website seamlessly such that it is attractive to the users, thus reeling in potential clients.

A highly extensible API

API stands for an Application programming interface. It is a space for two or more computer programs to communicate. So providing an extensive API is a requirement for any good CMS provider. Drupal 8 and 9 does just that. You can also choose to hire a web development company to set up drupal cms for you.

  • RESTful Web Services API helps us to facilitate the communication between ios/Android apps and web-based services.
  • JSON: API allows for communication via JSON file
  • Render API helps improve the user experience through faster rendering and caching protocols.
  • Translation API will enable us to translate your website to provide for a larger audience from various parts of the world.

Easy to integrate with the famous marketing tools

Nowadays, various web services and tools are necessary to build an integrative environment for online sales and services. Thus a content management system that can easily integrate all these tools and services becomes handy. Drupal cms are up to date with all the latest sales and engagement-related technologies and provide the means to incorporate them into your website. 

It also provides excellent services when it comes to e-commerce. Companies like Tesla, IBM, and Puma have successfully integrated Drupal into their e-commerce platforms. This speaks a lot for the portfolio of clients that have put their trust in Drupal. One can easily collect customer and analytics data to help optimize your website and understand Drupal’s effect on your online environment.

A powerful tool for SEO: metadata and taxonomy

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is essential for any online website. Maintaining your website according to the trending algorithm of google will allow your website to feature prominently in the first few hits. Research on suitable SEO keywords will improve the traffic of organic customers to the website.

Drupal’s Metadata module is a tailor-made tool for improving the SEO experience and adding metatags to your content. It allows you to plan your data for Twitter and Facebook, thus allowing you to build and keep up with the constant schedule necessary for improving your reach. 

Another critical aspect of SEO is an intuitive taxonomy system, to say the very least. This allows you to classify and organize your content based on themes and needs. 


Drupal is sometimes compared with WordPress as both these platforms can help one to customize and organize their online environment, but they have various use cases.

Drupal 9 is the latest version of Drupal, and it has worked toward integrating various CMS tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, eCommerce, and SEO marketing, allowing users to reap maximum benefits.

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  1. Reasons why Drupal Remains a Leading CMS :

    1. Customer-Centric and Personalized User Experiences.
    2. Drupal Is Highly Extensible via APIs.
    3. Drupal Integrates Well With Popular Marketing Tools.
    4. Drupal is Great for SEO: Leading Tools for Metadata and Taxonomy.
    5. Drupal Compared With WordPress.
    6. Latest Version of Drupal.

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