Why Custom Printed Shipping Boxes are Important for the Cosmetics Industry?

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Why Custom Printed Shipping Boxes are Important for the Cosmetics Industry?

The cosmetics industry is one of the biggest in the world, making billions of dollars in revenues and producing huge quantities of cosmetic products. it makes it vital that the items remain intact during shipping. Custom printed shipping boxes have evolved e-trading of cosmetic brands for good.

What do Loreal, Revlon, and Dior have in common? Apart from the fact that they deal in cosmetic products, they use similar branding tactics on their packaging to maintain their popularity. the cosmetic traders use e-commerce as well as tangible retail outlets. They thus need reliable shipping boxes to get their items to varied locations worldwide.

Several manufacturers are still apprehensive of using custom features on their packaging. such brands lose out quickly to the competition in the cosmetic consumer market. Without distinctive and plush packaging, customers won’t be impressed with the business enough to buy it.

Here are some genuine advantages of using customized boxes for shipping purposes.

Attract a high volume of customers

Buyers want a valid reason to buy cosmetics from a particular brand. Impressing them with the outer packaging always works best.

Custom packaging is made to order. This means that the boxes can look like an extension of the brand image and advertise the business. Popular cosmetic brands spend more on their packaging than all other marketing forms combined because they know that the physical brand appeal matters a lot more.

Attractively crafted boxes attract customer attention whether in-store or when the products are delivered directly to the consumers. They get most excited when their purchases come in personalized boxes made out of premium material stock.

The packaging plays a large role in delivering the contents as shown. Cosmetics are delicate items that can easily be damaged if not packaged properly. Customers reorder when they get satisfied with a brand sending products in pleasing and safe containers.

Adds value to brand worth

Unique packaging gives a good value for money. Customers want something extra with their purchases and a good box is what they expect. When brands offer items in alluring shipping boxes, they don’t just impress customers but also encourage them to perceive the brand as worth their money.

Custom features embedded on the boxes such as the brand logo, title, patterns, graphics, all add to the visual impact. Customers wait excitedly to receive their orders. This is an opportunity to hike their enthusiasm using crafty boxes for shipping. Top cosmetic brands are known for the look of their packaging and the shopping experience they impart to their clients via these boxes.

Save on excessive spending

Budget constraints bar manufacturers from going all out in brand promotions. Digital platforms are expensive and so are hoardings and billboards. Branding done on the boxes is a creative and multi-faceted method to achieve brand recognition.

Only a handful of cosmetic brands have completely understood the potential of custom printed shipping boxes. And they have made fortunes out of using this resource for accomplishing better customer satisfaction. The boxes come in corrugated stock that is perfect for saving costs and is complies with custom specifications.

This stock promotes the brand as responsible towards nature and encourages customers to reuse the containers too. Such elements are highly appreciated by buyers and provide better support to keep the contents safe throughout the journey. Custom box structure gives room for modification according to the cosmetic items. For instance, eyeliners may need better cushioning than hand creams as the former come in glass containers.

Gain from using the latest printing technology

The printing methods matter to give an exclusive brand look. Businesses can have the best designs sketched out for their shipping boxes but they won’t make the necessary impact if the printing quality is low. The graphics must be sharp and the texts understandable for the whole packaging to extend the brand appeal.

The latest die-cut printing technology can be used to get remarkable cosmetic boxes. Brands can use UV printing, 3D printing, graphic designing, embossing, or debossing to make the shipping boxes a masterpiece. Unique and innovative boxes would instantly become the trademark of the brand.

Moreover, sellers can also use foil stamping and varied laminations to give a unique box finish. External coatings enhance the shelf-life of the containers and protect them from wearing out during prolonged shipment processes. The corrugated stock can be turned into various shapes as well that surprise the receivers.

Partner with professionals

The best part about obtaining custom shipping boxes is that the cosmetic brands do not have to design these themselves.

Expert box makers have extensive experience in the field and give productive guidance to design shipping boxes. the resulted packaging looks far more professional and sleeker than the ones styled by the sellers themselves. The business owners just have to submit the following details to get their boxes delivered within no time.

  • The suitable box measurements.

The size of the cosmetic item decides the dimensions of the boxes. particularly for shipping, the box must perfectly fit with the products so they don’t break due to rigorous shakes. Fitted boxes save material costs too and are more productive in giving a fair representation of the product inside.

Sometimes, customers get a big box that ups their perception of the product quantity, only to find a much smaller item inside. Such unfavorable brand impressions can be avoided by opting for customized boxes.

  • The intended customer groups

Cosmetics come for all genders and ages. They must be packaged accordingly too. Specialist designers style the boxes better when they know the precise customer group the items are sold to.

For example, women resonate highly with vibrant colors and illustrations as compared to men who prefer monotones and fewer custom accessories.

  • The nature of the products

Revlon sells a variety of cosmetics and each one needs specialist packaging. Box makers provide customized boxes for every product type.


Going for custom printed shipping boxes is surely an added advantage to branding. Experts know what customers want and design the boxes that appeal to them.

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