When to Post on Instagram?

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Post on Instagram

Instagram has stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world. Over several years, this relatively young platform has made many influencers unable to imagine their lives and careers without it. It allows you to show your talents, interests, passions, and everyday life and will enable you to get acquainted with other users’ content. This is where users exchange their observations and opinions and can keep a kind of diary. Instagram saves many photos (including instructors), even if, after a day, the posted materials will disappear. They will not be available to others – the account holder will have photos saved in his archive and can look at them anytime.

It is a platform thanks to which you can easily acquire customers, advertise your services or products, and stand out with your content and interest a broad audience. However, it would help if you remembered that there are many competitors, and each of them wants to become a known and valued influencer. So how do you increase your chances of success? First, you need to know the basic principles of the portal’s operation. How to present your materials to attract as many users as possible? How do they publish, at what time, and on what days so that they reach a broad audience? By following SmmStore Canada, you can be sure that the value of your account will increase significantly, translating into the number of followers and their engagement.

Bet on the organic reach of your posts!

What is organic reach? This is the number of views, comments, and likes on your posts. The more interactions, the more visible you’ll be to the platform’s algorithms and the more likely they’ll be to promote your posts. To be as successful as possible, you may decide to purchase similar services. Instagram likes it’s a bull’s eye, especially if you are starting your adventure as an influencer. The beginnings are the most difficult because you do not yet have recipients who have trusted you and have decided to stay longer. Convincing users to yourself is not easy, but a more significant number of likes or comments will increase the authenticity, credibility, and, above all, the attractiveness of your profile. All this will translate into more frequent interactions with their website, the content will reach a larger group, and your popularity will grow daily.

Get into the skin of your recipients!

Nobody will understand Instagram users like an account holder who will get to know what it looks like from the other side. Before starting work on your profile, it is worth checking what content would be valuable to you, which you pay attention to and why, how it stands out from others, and why you reject the rest. This will allow you to eliminate possible errors and follow the current trends. It is worth seeing when specific influencers post their posts or instructors and how they do it. It is good to follow two or more profiles and watch them, for example, for a week. Of course, your target content must be similar. Thanks to such activities, you can get to know your potential and future recipients’ habits and their movement at specific times, preferences, and reactions. However, it is time-consuming,

Time to relax, i.e., when do users most likely visit Instagram?

First of all, think about the group of people you will send your posts. Due to the difference in age, habits, and lifestyle – they will be available at different times of the day. Experts analyzed millions of positions to verify the highest activity of specific target groups and the general public.

However, it should be remembered that publishing during peak user hours is not enough. If your content is not attractive, and the posts you post are valuable – even if they reach a broad audience, unfortunately, they will not improve the quality of your profile. The more attractive, inventive, and polished materials you post (and at the right time!), The greater the chance that viewers will stay with you longer, interact more, and recommend you to their friends.

Instagram is an excellent tool for spending your free time. Browsing photos of friends, funny materials, or reading exciting facts from the world is the perfect form of entertainment. It is also a great information place – on Instagram, you will learn about the opinions of others, and you will also find the right specialists in every field. Detailed knowledge of the content of a given company will allow you to get to know it from the inside and check whether it convinces you or not. You should provide the same for your audience. When you go to Instagram during their breaks at work, they may not want to read about specific services, but if you find them interesting – they will look at your profile. However, is the afternoon coffee break the best time to publish content? It turns out that not really.

Change of habits

Until 2020, the highest activity was recorded in the early morning hours, especially on working days. The pandemic turned these analyzes upside down. After forced isolation, many employees moved to remote work for good. The ability to sleep longer in the morning and not having to stay in traffic jams outweighed the benefits of working at home. That is why users’ preferences regarding being active on Instagram have also changed. First of all, people have the opportunity to access social media more often. Because for the last two years, users have been spending a lot of time on them – the habits have remained, and everyone looks at portals such as Instagram or Facebook a bit more often. But when is this “peeking” most intense?

User activity on each day of the week

Every day, over 500 million users view and share instructors. An impressive number (as many as 800 million) is a group that regularly follows business profiles. So you will not run out of recipients, but the question is – when is the best time to reach them?

Unfortunately, in the case of Instagram, it is not that simple. It is not enough to post in rush hour and forget about it. Algorithms work in a certain way and don’t always show content to users in chronological order. In the beginning, materials that may be most interesting to a given person are displayed, and then the rest.

However, despite such obstacles, it’s best to post your posts when Instagram is at its peak. You indeed have much more competition then, and your posts have to break through the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčothers, but you have a much better chance of reaching at least a few recipients during this time. The regularity of similar activities will accumulate a considerable sum of money after just a few or a dozen or so days.

User activity varies depending on the specific day of the week. In the case of Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, it is worth posting your content between 10.00 and 11.00. Then, pupils or students have a moment of breath between classes, and the working people have a coffee break. And nothing adds variety to your vacation like Instagram. When it comes to Tuesday, it is worth posting or installing instructors around 2 p.m., when lunchtime strikes. Until recently, Wednesday was one of the best days for publications, but this trend has changed for some time. Currently, such intense activity is not observed as before. The same (albeit to a lesser extent) applies to the weekends. It might seem like the best time to stand out with your content, but it turns out that on Saturday or Sunday, people spend much less time on social media than during working days. However, if you decide to post on the weekend – you can do it between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. due to the relatively constant distribution of users throughout the day.