What You Should Know About Renting A Pickup Truck In Dubai

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Pickup trucks are great to have around, especially if you have several things to transport at once or need something sturdy to use as a work truck. If you’re in Dubai and are thinking about renting a pickup truck, you might be tempted to walk into your local pickup truck rental center and grab the first truck available; however, this can be an expensive mistake if you don’t think through your decisions ahead of time. Here are three things you should know about renting a pickup truck in Dubai before driving off the lot.

Are you allowed to drive it?

Don’t forget to check if you are allowed to drive a pickup rental Dubai. Typically, you need a special driving license to do so. If you don’t have one but want to rent a pickup truck anyway, it is better to check with your supplier beforehand and avoid any misunderstandings during pick-up or drop-off. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises when picking up or dropping off your rental car – and that can lead to an even more enjoyable experience while on holiday in Dubai!

The first step to renting a pickup truck in Dubai is to make sure you are allowed to drive it. Depending on your nationality, you might need special permission or a driving license for different kinds of pickup trucks. Even if you have a general driving license, there might be specific pickup trucks that aren’t allowed for rental in your country due to insurance or legal restrictions! If that is your case, please contact us beforehand, and we will look into it for you.

Where can you drive it?

If you’re planning to drive anywhere but around town, it’s good to check with your rental company before you rent. Some companies don’t allow pickup trucks to be operated on certain roads or onto certain kinds of bridges. Before signing up for an extended rental, check with your company and ensure they can accommodate where you want to go. And while we’re talking about driving, remember that driving is usually on the right side of traffic in most countries outside North America—and even many places within North America, like Canada. Also, remember that if you’re from outside North America (or even just from some states within it), speed limits and lane markers may look different than what you’re used to.

Insurance cover

When you rent a pickup truck in Dubai, knowing what your rental contract covers is essential. For example, will your insurance policy be affected if you crash? Are there extra fees for fuel, mileage, and damage outside of traffic accidents? Rental companies will vary by insurance coverage, and some may not insure. To learn more about renting a pickup truck in Dubai, check out our complete guide.

Some pickup truck rental companies will provide full insurance, and some may require you to get your own. For example, if you’re borrowing a pickup truck for one trip or several, it can be cheaper to pay for your policy than for a pickup truck rental company to cover you. Check out our guide on renting a car abroad so you can learn more about insurance overseas. Whether or not an international driver’s license is required will also depend on which country you’re renting from and which country you’re driving in.

Fuel costs

Although you may be able to obtain a rental rate that’s relatively inexpensive, if you don’t maintain your vehicle or if you plan on driving it across long distances, you could end up paying significantly more. There are two reasons for that: 1) Gas prices in Dubai are high and 2) rental agencies charge additional fuel costs to drivers who go over their mileage allowance. If you drive a lot or if gas prices go up after your initial fill-up, it could cost you much more than expected. Be sure to ask about fuel costs when signing your rental agreement and watch your gauges while driving. Also, many pickup truck rentals in Dubai have automatic transmission keep that in mind if you’re not used to using an automatic!

The right insurance cover

The availability of insurance cover for your pickup truck rental in Dubai is not only essential but also necessary. It is, therefore, essential to understanding what you are buying before you go ahead and make a purchase. Ensure that you know exactly how much it costs and all of its associated terms and conditions so that in case of any issues arising, you are prepared to deal with them accordingly. Also, bear in mind that a pickup truck rented through an intermediary has limited protection compared to one owned outright. Ask if third-party coverage is included with your company’s policy or can be added to compare prices at various companies before purchasing your insurance policy. There are certain things like damage waivers that should be considered and car hire permits.

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