What are the Different MCSA Certifications?

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MCSA Certifications


MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), Microsoft’s entry-level certification, covers several Microsoft products and job functions. These certifications allow entry-level professionals to showcase expertise in several Microsoft products, roles, and subject areas.

Also, MCSA credentials are pre-requirements for several Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications. So, to obtain an expert-level certification from Microsoft, you should first pass the entry-level associate exams. For such a purpose, you need extensive training, which you can accomplish with the help of MCSA Online Training from the reputed institute.

MCSA Certification: Meaning

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification helps to evaluate and certify the product knowledge and technical abilities of entry-level IT workers. These certifications are beneficial to both workers and organizations. However, Microsoft certifications define the fundamental knowledge and skills that IT workers should have based on their degree of experience. It also verifies the exam taker’s knowledge and abilities gained throughout their first year of professional experience.

When an IT professional achieves an MCSA, they show their competency in an industry-accepted manner. On the other, employers may hire a Microsoft-certified IT expert with the assurance that they have the necessary skills to administer Microsoft products.

Different MCSA Certifications

There are several MCSA certificates to choose from. However, each of these credentials requires you to pass up to three tests to become certified. Among these certificates and examinations are as follows:

MCSA BI reporting

This credential covers data consumption and transformation, modeling and visualization, and dashboard configuration with Excel and Power BI. Thus, to obtain this certification, you must pass two tests on data visualization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Certification

For this certification, there are no prerequisites, but you must pass three SQL and Dynamics 365 examinations to acquire this credential. However, this certification is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers, solution architects, and implementers.

MCSA SQL 2016 BI development

Before continuing on this certification, Microsoft advises that you should have core IT abilities. However, these credentials are for extract, transform, and load (ELT) and data warehouse developers that create business intelligence (BI) solutions. To obtain this certification, you must complete two tests on BI development and SQL implementation.

SQL 2016 database administration

This certification requires fundamental IT abilities and SQL familiarity. However, there are two examinations to pass; one on SQL database infrastructure administration and the other on SQL database provisioning. In general, this certification covers database installation, maintenance, setup, and provisioning.

MCSA SQL 2016 database development

It is for database professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge of on-premises and cloud-based databases. There are no specific qualifications for these credentials, but you should have at least fundamental IT expertise. Also, you must pass two examinations on SQL query and SQL database development.

SQL Server 2012/2014

This certification is for database developers and analysts and needs fundamental IT skills. However, you should have at least three tests on querying, administering, and implementing databases using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014.

MCSA Universal Windows platform

This Universal Windows Platform certification includes HTML5, SQLite, CSS3, JavaScript, and ASP.NET MVC. It is for software developers and engineers with IT experience in these areas. Thus, to obtain this certification, you must pass two exams: one on C# programming and another on mobile app development.

MCSA Web applications

The web applications certification is for web developers or web administrators and covers technologies like C#, mobile apps, visual studio,.NET, and Framework 4.5. So, you must pass three exams; HTML 5 with JavaScript and CSS3, C# programming, and creating ASP.NET MVC web apps.

Windows Server 2012

The MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification aims at computer network experts and administrators. This includes Windows server virtualization. Thus, to obtain the credentials, you must pass three examinations on installing, configuring, and managing Windows Server 2012.

MCSA Windows Server 2016

This certification validates competence with Windows Server Virtualization for network or computer system administrators and computer network experts. It necessitates fundamental IT knowledge and passing three tests on Windows Server 2016 installation, storage, computing, and networking.

MCSA Certification Cost

Each MCSA exam costs around $165. So, if your certification requires numerous examinations, you must pay the charge for each exam. However, the training cost will vary depending on the course you select. If you don’t want to spend money on a complete course, you can refer to plenty of free resources.

Moreover, MCSA credentials do not expire. Thus, there will be no need for renewal costs. Because Microsoft retires examinations as products change, if you become certified in a replaced, upgraded, or altered product, you must recertify yourself.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the different certifications available for MCSA experts. These certifications help an individual advance with their Microsoft credentials. So, if you are also looking to make a career as an MCSA expert, it is necessary to go for MCSA Training in Noida.