Ways In Which Too Much Assignment Affects Extracurricular Activities

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Extracurricular Activities

Indeed, this is a paradox! Most parents and teachers believe that academics should prioritize any other staff. On the other end, it is found that too much assignment hurts students’ lives. Among the effects include; stress due to pressure to meet deadlines affects students’ overall health, and reduces the time for socialization with friends and family, hence reducing their connection scope. It leads to poor performance of students, poor grades, and finally, it staggers the balancing power of students. This article seeks to find how assignment affects extracurricular activities and gives you a solution where you can get professional online tutors.

Causes stress due to pressure to meet the deadline

A recent study shows that more than fifty percent of students go through academic stress due to too many assignments. In most schools, there is a workload for students, which causes pressure on students, and hence, they perform poorly in their sports. This is why most students come up with homework excuses to get some time extension to finish assignments.

It affects the health of a student

It is ironic to say that too many assignments can deteriorate a student’s health. You will have to spend more time studying and sometimes sleepless nights when given too many assignments. As a result, you end up suffering from headaches and back pain.

You might also suffer from weight loss due to low appetite due to stress. In addition, too much assignment makes you tired and discomfort such as stomach complications. It can be deduced that stress and pressure cause a student’s mind to be so occupied, and deep down, they need to meet the teacher’s target by completing the assignment. Having these health complications will impact your hobby because you need a healthy body to play well.

It reduces the time for socialization with friends and family

There is internal pressure and instability when the mind has not settled on something. Therefore, time to focus on other matters such as talents, sports, and other activities is limited. Most students spend their time alone trying to focus on the extra work given, which denies them the time to engage with their friends, siblings, and parents. As a result, they end up with a lonely life which is unhealthy. 

It leads to poor performance of students

It is a general expectation that when you are given a lot of assignments, it will help you improve your grade. This might not be the case because when you are given too many assignments, you will rush through the assignment to meet the deadline instead of understanding the concepts.

Giving too many homework assignments might lead to low academic performance outside class. Play without work makes Jack a dull boy. This has been proven true since one environment can be monotonous and thus cause overall low performance. When you perform poorly, you are forced to change your perspective on academics, leading to dropping out.

It staggers the balancing power of a student

Academics, social life, and talent development are points of scuffle among students. There is a weight that overwhelms them to balance the three aspects of their life. According to the research, the academic assignment adds the most weight since most students choose the assignments over the other activities. Choosing other activities over academics is difficult because failure is highly punishable.