Top 5 Features of Sammy EMR and How They Simplify Your Practice

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Top 5 Features of Sammy EMR and How They Simplify Your Practice
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Sammy offers a cloud-based EMR Software that you can access anywhere at any time through the web. The EMR Software interfaces with a Practice Management System to help you streamline your clinical and administrative tasks. Small to medium-sized practices can benefit from the Sammy EMR Software, as it promises to speed up their clinical, financial, and organizational processes.

Although the software is exclusively for Podiatry practices, it is flexible, and you can customize it according to your specialty and needs. In addition, the Sammy EMR Software also provides clinical decision-making capabilities. These applications evaluate data from EHR systems and provide recommendations and reminders to assist you in adhering to evidence-based clinical guidelines at the point of treatment.

Top 5 Features of Sammy EMR Software

The Sammy EMR Software offers various features to help you optimize your workflow. The features are easy to navigate, and you can evaluate them during the Sammy EMR demo as well. The top five features include the following.

Dashboard for Simplified Workflow

The dashboard in Sammy EMR is a crucial feature for your practice as it gives you an overview of all your chores. You can log in and look at all of the data on a dashboard that contains complete relevant medical information.

Furthermore, all data kept in the software is safe and secure, thanks to HIPAA-compliant technology that protects patients’ privacy. The dashboard also allows you to attach the reports and images to patient charts, allowing you to access and fax them to anyone who requires them. You can navigate through the dashboard during the Sammy EMR demo.

Claims Management

The Sammy EMR Software helps you detect problems in claims while you upload data. In other words, the claims management feature allows you to rectify any issue that arises while entering information. Due to this feature, you’ll see a considerable reduction in the amount of declined claims when you utilize Sammy EMR.

Furthermore, automated eligibility checks verify that your patients are authorized for insurance. Moreover, it confirms that their plan is active when their data is entered into the database, saving you time and effort in dealing with rejected claims.

Patient Portal for Convenience

The Patient Portal is another vital element of Sammy EMR that we’d like to discuss. The patient portal offers convenience to both you and your patients. Patients can log in and view their appointments and medical information through the patient portal. In addition, they can access the data about their medical history and reports from your clinic using this portal.

Moreover, with the help of the patient portal, the patients can also schedule consultations at their comfort, choosing a date and time that works best for them. The act of scheduling appointments beforehand decreases the possibility of no-shows or late arrivals, and it assures that your patient engagement statistics grow. The Sammy EMR demo also provides a detailed overview of the patient portal.

Streamlined Clinical Documentation

Another efficient feature of Sammy EMR is the clinical documentation process. Sammy EMR makes it simple for you to create clinical notes. You can use the automated entry tool to avoid rereading past information every time and just repeat the previous note with a single click.

Furthermore, you can use the speech recognition tool to convert your voiced remarks into direct notes. Overall, this efficient feature provides you to spend more time on delivering quality care rather than typing. In addition, this helpful tool also aids you in eliminating errors and enhancing your job efficiency.

Efficient Organization of Data

Another benefit of using the Sammy EMR Software is that it makes it simple to save information in the database. In addition, the software allows you to import or export any data to patient charts so you can store it properly.

You can also effortlessly import ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs, pictures, and other images into individual patient charts using the Sammy EMR Software. You can utilize the system to evaluate patient data, such as insights into previous medical interactions, change treatment regimens, and make informed medication-related decisions, among other things.

Sammy EMR Pricing

The price of Sammy EMR Software varies depending on various parameters, such as the number of providers and the functionality necessary for your setup. It does, however, start at $349 per month per user. You can get a complete proposal on a pricing plan from the vendor. Overall, the pricing model depends on your practice’s needs and the number of users you have at your practice.

Sammy EMR Reviews

Following are the Sammy EMR reviews summarized from various websites to give you an insight into the software from a users’ point of view!


  • Since the software is specifically for Podiatry practices, it also offers templates, billing codes, and various other features following Podiatry specialty.
  • Sammy EMR Software makes it easy to file claims and proves to reduce the number of rejected claims.
  • The ability to store photographs alongside pertinent patient files improves record-keeping and makes it easier for users to explain ailments.


  • Even though the templates are specialty-specific, there are very few of them. In addition, more templates could be made available to cater to a broader range of diseases and treatments.

Our Two Bits About Sammy EMR Software

The Sammy EMR Software appears to be a good fit for healthcare setups, especially Podiatry practices. It comes with multiple features to keep a digital record of medical data and allowing your practice to run efficiently and successfully.

Our detailed review consists of the top features and user reviews of the software. However, every practice has different requirements; hence, make sure to list your needs before scheduling a demo.

During the Sammy EMR demo, you can evaluate the software in real-time and analyze whether it fulfills your requirements. Moreover, we also suggest you read multiple Sammy EMR reviews as they also impact your final decision!

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