Top 10 Benefits of Shaggy Rugs You Should Know

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Top 10 Benefits of Shaggy Rugs You Should Know

What are Shaggy Rugs?

The shaggy rug has been around since the late 1960s, but these cosy rugs are making a big comeback. Why? They’re straightforward, they’re stylish, and you can find one in just about any colour or size! Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your new shag rug clashing with your contemporary décor because they work with pretty much any look. In This article, we will give you a complete guide on shaggy rugs. You Can See Large Varieties of Best Shaggy rugs at Carpets Express Web.

What Is Shag Material?

Everyone knows what mohair material is – it’s one of those fabrics that people love or hate. If you hate it, then steer clear of our super soft metallic mohair shag rugs. Those who love this luxurious fabric will be happy to know that we carry more than enough mohair rugs in plenty of different colours to suit everyone’s tastes! 

You’ll also find that our shag area rugs are made from some other excellent materials, too. Vinyl shag is another new favourite because it’s water-resistant and easy to clean.

Best Shaggy Rugs:

The shag rug has been making quite a comeback, and we at carpet couldn’t be more excited! Everyone wants that cosy, plush feel under their feet, and nothing does it better than a good old-fashioned shaggy rug! Plus, never before have there been so many different varieties of shag rugs to choose from.

Don’t pay close to a grand or more for an authentic wool rug when you can get the same look with our beautiful, affordable faux shag rugs! We have a vast selection of plush rugs in different colours and textures – from silky soft to extra thick and lush. And don’t forget about our shaggy round rugs. If you still think a shag rug is only meant for grandma’s house, it’s time for you to meet your new best friend: A beautiful, plush area rug that won’t set you back financially!

10 Benefits of Shaggy Rugs:

1. Comfort: 

Our shag area rugs are made with a plush pile that gives you a soft, cosy feel under your feet. It’s like walking on a cloud!

2. Warmth: 

Everyone knows the ground can be cold! Adding an extra layer of comfort to your floor (in the form of our shaggy rugs) makes it much easier to keep warm. Plus, you won’t be as tempted to turn up the thermostat and waste energy trying to heat up those cold floors.

3. Energy Efficiency: 

Living in a well-insulated and cosy home means you’re saving money and energy because there is no need for excessive heat or air conditioning – which saves you cash! Another bonus of having a shaggy rug or two? You don’t need to turn the heat up so high in the winter.

4. Style: 

There are many different styles of shag rugs you can choose from – from graphic circles to block striped, there is something for every home decor.

5. Stain Resistant: 

Our shag area rugs are made with stain-resistant fabric that makes clean up even more accessible! Shower spills, muddy shoes, wine stains- no problem! Just take a damp rag and wipe down your rug for easy clean-up.

6. Durability: 

Everyone has different needs for rugs, so we offer our shaggy rugs in 3 different thicknesses – plush, medium, and extra thick. This means you can find a carpet that’s perfect for your space! The plush pile is excellent if you have kids or pets who shed- it keeps the hair from getting embedded into the fibres of the shag rug. 

A medium pile is better for high traffic areas because the texture will stand up a little more to regular wear & tear. And then there are our super-thick shag rugs for ultimate comfort and durability – just imagine sinking into these soft gems!

7. Safety: 

Our shag rugs are made with a non-slip backing which means your rug stays put, and no one will slip and fall!

8. Ease of Cleaning: 

We all know what kids can be like, and our shag area rugs are made to stand up against anything your kiddos or furry friends can dish out. The plush fabric is soft and easy to clean – just take a damp rag and wipe down any spills or mud puddles – it’s so easy!

9. Versatility: 

Depending on the thickness you choose, it can be used as an area rug or even as a throw pillow for extra comfort underfoot. You can also place this in front of the bed for added luxury. And last but not least- these are great for tacking up on the wall as art pieces.

10. Affordability: 

They are pricey, but our high-quality faux shag rugs come at an affordable price. You can get the look of natural wool for pennies on the dollar! Plus, they are lightweight and easy to move around. So you can place them wherever your heart desires (under a bed, in front of a sofa, next to a dresser) without worrying about them being too heavy or difficult to handle.

Our Highest Quality Shag Rugs: 

If you want a cheap rug made out of low-quality material, go somewhere else – we don’t make those kinds of rugs! Our company has been around for over 27 years, and during that time, we have learned what people want when shopping for a shaggy rug. We have done extensive research into finding the best materials at the best prices so that everyone who buys one of our rugs can rest assured that they are getting the best quality in the market!

Conclusion of Shaggy Rugs:

They are multipurpose and come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. They add a new dimension to your home decor and can be used as an area rug or even as a throw pillow for extra comfort underfoot. And the best part- they’re affordable! Shop our large selection of shaggy rugs on our website or in-store today!

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