Tips for Custom Cake Box Design

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Cake Box

A cake box is an essential part of the bakery. A box of cakes is not only decorative but also protects the baked goods from damage during transport or storage. A passionate baker may have wondered about cake box sizes, models, packaging options, and custom cake box suppliers. We will discuss cake box sizes, designs, packaging, and suppliers.

As the name suggests, a cake box is a packaging made for dessert. These boxes can also store other baking products, such as muffins or cupcakes. Items are protected as they move from the bakery to the customer.

To ensure a premium presentation and brand of the product, you can have the logo, brand, or decorative design printed on the box. The window patch, among other things, can be added to the product. This feature gives consumers excellent product visibility.

Box Dimensions

There are many bakers: home bakers, cafe owners, or people who love to bake cakes. Choosing the right packaging size for your pastries is essential if you are one of these people. If your packaging is too small, the cake will not fit. You may need to squeeze your cake. This could damage the cake and will also make the cake look awful. You may also be upset with your customers. If your packaging is too large, you may have similar problems.

Traditional Packaging

These packaging products can be purchased anywhere on the market. You can make traditional boxes of simple cakes out of virgin cardboard or recycled paper. These cake boxes can also be made without or with lamination. These traditional boxes of simple cakes are timeless and can be used in many ways. These boxes are versatile and easy to customize for your brand or business.

Custom Box with a Handle

I mentioned that most bakeries use traditional cake boxes. This means that the customer keeps the bakery box. Customers sometimes had to ask for a paper bag to secure the pastries. The cake box with a handle was created by combining both features. It is easy to use due to the design of the cake box. First of all, it is easy to carry cakes and pastries. It will be easier for customers to carry the cake with the handle because it maintains its weight.

 Windowed Cake Box Packaging

The window in the cake box gives you a look at the delicious pastry inside. This type of box can be tempting to open to everyone. The package also encourages the recipient to bite the delicious cake. A machine can also make this type of cake box. The plastic sheet is applied manually.

 Corrugated Cardboard Cake Packaging Box

A solid box is required for two or three-tier cakes. Corrugated boxes are often used for three-tier cakes. For heavy cakes, a corrugated cake box is a great choice. These boxes can also be used to store cakes in the refrigerator. The wet refrigerator melts the sugar and the cherry on the cake. This can change the flavor and design. Corrugated cardboard will absorb most of the moisture from the refrigerator. This ensures that the cake stays fresh and tastes as good as it should. All the models of cake boxes described above can be customized thanks to modern technology. Your logo or design can be printed on a cake box. Your products will have more commercial value if you customize them.

Custom Cake Boxes

SBS Paperboard

Cardstock boxes are made of solid bleached sulfate paper, also known as SBS paper. These cardboard boxes are the primary packaging to pack the item inside. SBS paper is commonly used in boxes nowadays but is not food grade. To make the food-grade box, it must be rolled inside.

Kraft Cardstock

This material comes in a brown color. Kraft paper has a recycling feel. It also has a natural, premium look in the box. Kraft paper can be a little expensive. Kraft paper is slightly more expensive than other materials but has a higher strength.

Custom Cake Box Providers

This section contains cake suppliers online.

Online Stores

Online stores can be local stores, large retailers, or e-commerce stores. Or, they could represent individual sales projects through a website. PackagingPrinting and Rush Custom Boxes are two of the most popular online stores.


Wholesalers are the ones who sell products in large quantities to retailers. They usually buy the goods directly from the manufacturers. You could also buy from a reseller. Wholesalers benefit from huge discounts when they buy large quantities of goods.

When the box design does not attract the targeted audience, marketing ideas will be wasted. We offer the best graphic design and bakery box printing services. Contact us freely whenever you need to get custom packaging for bakery items and other types of cardboard containers at wholesale prices. Our helpline accommodates you properly.