These Free Haircut Cards Are Good For Everyone

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Free Haircut

I constantly search for signs announcing the Great Clips Lincoln Ne $8.99 Haircut Sale for 2022. Yes, it used to be the $6.99 haircut sale at Great Clips Lincoln Ne, but times have changed.

The Great Clips Haircut Sale 2022 has finally been announced (plus, I discovered a Great Clips Instagram coupon), so please continue reading for additional information.

Great Clips Haircut Sale For $8.99

You should revisit this page frequently if you enjoy the Great Clips Lincoln Ne $8.99 Hair cut Sale events. Even though it has been a while since the last Great Clips haircut sale, we have discovered a way to receive a free (yes, free!) Great Clips haircuts.

While I’m based in Nashville, one of our readers reported noticing a similar $8.99 haircut sale in New Jersey during the Great Clips Haircuts sale in Tennessee.

Great Clips Haircut Sale Fir $6.99

I last saw the Great Clips Lincoln Ne $6.99 sale between October 24 and November 2 last year. All Middle Tennessee Great Clip locations now offer the $8.99 haircuts package. Check with your neighborhood Great Clips to see if they are participating.

Before that, the Great Clips Coupons Sale occurred between February 24 and March 2, so it appears to occur in both the spring and fall each year.

Free Haircut At Great Clips For Veterans

Great Clips Lincoln Ne wishes to honor veterans by offering them complimentary Great Clips haircuts on November 11. Veterans AND active-duty military personnel can receive free haircuts at their local Great Clips on November 11.

Additionally, veterans can obtain a voucher for free haircuts on November 11 and have until December 11 to redeem it. Not a member of the armed forces? On Veterans Day, if you purchase a salon service at Great Clips, you can receive a free haircut card to give to a veteran!

Previous Great Clips Sales

Customers who visited any Great Clips Lincoln Ne salon in the United States on November 11 received a free haircuts card to give to a veteran. The free haircuts cards are redeemable by all active, inactive, retired, disabled, and reserve military personnel, regardless of branch.

The complimentary cards are redeemable through December 11.

Great Clips Haircut Sale Period Developments

The $8.99 sale seems to be prevalent during the following times:

  • February 18 24
  • March 2-8
  • April 22-26
  • October 24 through November 4

Yes, you heard correctly: $8.99. Over the past year, Great Clips’ haircut prices increased from $6.99 to $7.99, and the price increase is permanent.

Great Clips Cost Of A Haircut

Great Clips Lincoln Ne haircuts typically cost between $10 and $15, depending on your age and location. That is why we all enjoy Great Clips sales so much!

$7.99 Great Clips Haircut

Even though I haven’t recently received any Great Clips coupons in the mail, I did see the following Instagram advertisement for a $7.99 Great Clips haircut.

To receive a $7.99 haircut at participating Great Clips salons, click “Redeem Now” and present the offer on your mobile device at the time of payment.

Instagram Coupon For A $8.99 Haircut At Great Clips

The 2021 Instagram coupon for Great Clips is for $8.99. You must either click “redeem now” or provide your email address to Great Clips.

In addition, if you sign up for Great Clips’ email list, you’ll be the first to know about any new coupons.

Great Clips Mailing Coupons

Even though the Great Clips Lincoln Ne Sale was not in effect, we used a $6.99 coupon we received in the mail after our last haircut to pay for my son’s back-to-school haircut.

Ensure that your mailing address is current with Great Clips to receive these coupons.

The image above is from the April 30-May 5, 2014, haircut sale at Great Clips in Nashville… All Great Clips locations in Nashville offered haircuts for $7.99, regardless of age. There’s no telling when another Great Clips haircut sale will appear, but you can be sure I’ll let you know right here!

How To Select A Stylist At A Great Clips Salon?

I understand that some people are hesitant to get their hair cut at a place like Great Clips, but I recommend going and observing each stylist as they cut someone else’s hair before requesting a specific stylist. Also useful is asking your friends.

We found a fantastic hairdresser for our children at Great Clips by asking friends whose children’s haircuts we admired.


I also discovered a fantastic suggestion for MY hair. It wasn’t at the Great Clips in our neighborhood, but it was close to our church, making it equally convenient.

Here is a photo from one of our Great Clips Great Haircut Sale visits (my son may have been more excited about the lollipop than the actual haircut).

A haircut costs $8.99, a shampoo, cut, and style costs $24.99, and a shampoo and style costs $17.00. Remember that it’s always a good idea to check in your area before assuming that this offer is available everywhere.

Details Of The Great Clips $8.99 Haircut Sale

What: haircuts priced at $8.99

Specific Great Clips Lincoln Ne location.

When: We’ll update this post once new 2022 haircut sale dates are available.

According to the corporate offices of Great Clips, the Great Clips Haircut Sale is an ongoing promotion that varies by market. Before visiting, Please get in touch with local salons for sale dates and pricing information. (And I’ll be sure to inform you exactly when it occurs in Nashville again so you can get the best deals at the best time according to your needs with special discounts and Great Clips Lincoln Ne specially designed for you.

Save Fifty Percent Off The Normal Price Of Their Haircutting.

Please remember to tip your stylist on the total price of the haircut.

Great Clips Coupon For A Haircut

What: complimentary haircuts for Veterans Free!

Nashville and other participating Great Clips locations.

When: November 11.