The Myfsapay Program Pilot in USA is Here!

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Myfsapay, the leader in e-commerce and m-commerce payments and security solutions, is glad to announce that it will be piloting its merchant services platform in the United States! The first batch of customers will be onboarded soon, and you’re invited to sign up right now! Whether you’re an existing merchant or want to start accepting payments online and on mobile devices, our program can help you get started quickly. Myfsapay has developed a straightforward onboarding process that requires no money upfront, even for the entire setup package!

How to Become a Merchant

Merchants are businesses or institutions that accept payment for goods or services. Many merchants offer online purchase opportunities for customers to make purchases with a credit card or bank account. To begin receiving payments, you must first have an established Myfsapay Program Pilot and website that sells goods or services and has been validated by Clickbank; if you don’t already have one, it’s easy to create a new merchant account once your business has been verified. Then, start following these steps: First, contact customer service at Clickbank via email ([email protected] ) or phone (1-800-411-7049) to find out which payment processors they accept.

If you’re located in a US state with a sales tax, register to collect sales tax and start accepting payments (URL REDACTED). The deadline for registration is December 31st, 2013. If you have questions about which taxes apply to your business, check out these resources: (URL REDACTED). If you’re not located in a US state with a sales tax: Contact Clickbank customer service ([email protected] ) or visit their website for more information. Remember that even if your business isn’t collecting sales tax at checkout today, you should register for one of these programs as soon as possible. When states begin composing it, your business will be prepared.

How Merchants Can Advertise Their Businesses

Advertising your business on MyfSAPay can vary depending on several factors, including how much you wish to spend, which type of ad you’d like to run, and how frequently you would like your ad to be shown. We work with local businesses that represent more prominent national brands; even though we are limited mainly by available local inventory for each city, our goal is to ensure that every merchant has an equal opportunity to gain exposure with our users. The best way to learn about advertising on myfSAPay will be via an explanation through trial-and-error: if you see an advertisement that interests you or relates to a service or product you are interested in getting more information about, tap on it.

After you tap on an advertisement, you will be taken to a screen describing what it is about and offering any relevant information that you may need. For example, suppose it’s a coupon for a pizza place. In that case, you may get things like location information and phone number and pizza menu items that are available for delivery. Be sure to save your favorite businesses when logged into myfSAPay so that all of their information can easily be accessed later. You can also check out our Advertiser Showcase section, which includes commercials by some of our merchants and offers creative ideas on running their campaigns with us to encourage business growth.

Why Consumers Should Use the Myfsapay App

It’s no secret that we, as consumers, use too much credit card debt. Most Americans are $15,000 to 20,000 dollars in debt at any given time. The Federal Reserve has even gone so far as to say that one-third of us are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck. When we use our credit cards without knowing what we’re doing or how to manage them well, it can lead to a life of stress and financial instability. Fortunately, a new app called Myfsapay helps you manage your money more efficiently than ever before and will help you live better within your means.

This new app can help consumers keep their spending under control and eliminate overspending. It’s easy to use and allows you to budget your money, making it easier to save money towards oversized ticket items like a house or a car, pay down debts, and have more cash on hand. Best of all, it does so without putting a strain on your finances or forcing you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Using an app like Myfsapay is an excellent way for Americans to get out of debt and live better with their means.

Features of the App

Make Free International Calls and Send Free International SMSs, Promote your products/services and earn a commission. Create groups with video calling facilities. Promote their business by allowing users to join their group and earn points that can be converted into cash. End users can search for any business group they want to be a part of. It has one of a kind virtual currency feature, where you can buy recharge cards online to recharge your mobile phones or DTH connections or even pay your electricity bills with it without paying any extra charges.

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