The Increasing Mental Diseases in the Current Era

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Mental Health

I am overwhelmed to see increasing prevalence among students searching for information technology essay help to complete their task as they cannot do so due to their mental health issues,” said Michelle. Michelle is an information technology teacher in a school and focuses on students’ mental health in the current era. 

Students search for the best assignment writing website to pass their academics with good grades. However, one thing we often ignore is the mental health of teenagers, mainly caused by hormones and the puberty roller coaster. A prevalence in adolescent suicide rate can be noted due to several reasons such as depression, mental health disorders, family conflicts, bullying, and societal pressure (DP, 2020). All these factors affect the academic performance of teenagers due to increased depression, anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness. It takes a mental toll on them, affecting their mental health and working capacity when they search for academic writing services. Therefore, noticing teenagers’ worrisome signs, behavior, and attitude has become crucial to maintaining their mental health. 

Factors Increasing Mental Health Issues In Teenagers 

  • One of the significant reasons that teenagers are suffering from mental health issues even in the era of 2022 is because they do not have access to resources. It is still considered taboo, not a matter of shame, to visit a counselor or a psychiatrist as a teenager (Biddle et al., 2019). However, most parents also ignore their teens’ mental illness and distress signs to address them. 
  • Different societal pressures such as being a doctor or an engineer when a teenager prefers to be an artist or a musician also increase mental health issues such as depression among teenagers. They can not pursue the career they want to, which makes them feel caged and increase their anxiety and hopelessness. 
  • Bullying is so typical nowadays that we can hardly find an individual who is not being bullied by a gang of backbenchers in school. Nevertheless, as a parent, our primary responsibility is to teach our children about ethics and etiquette towards other fellows in their surroundings. Bullying is considered to be one of the major causes of social separation, anxiety, depression, and mood swings in teenagers. 
  • Due to excessive family conflicts between parents and siblings, teenagers often consider running away from home and society. They do not wish to face anyone being answerable. Due to excessive family conflicts, teenagers often go into drugs and smoking, affecting their mental health and wellbeing. 

Talk To Teens About Mental Health 

Sadler et al. (2018) stated that talking to teens about anything can help in knowing their mental health and related issues. It is essential for guardians or parents not to ignore the pleading food help of their teenagers, which can be in the form of asking for undiverted attention or being stubborn for no reason. Being a parent, counselors, and family members, we need to dedicate some specific time out of our busy schedule to our teenagers. We should respect their obligations by talking to them when they feel comfortable. 

However, it is also essential for us to address the feelings and thoughts of children and be sure that teenagers are being listened to. We should not minimize the feelings and opinions of their children or ignore an old mental illness or distress symptom.  

Mental Health Conditions Are The Same As Physical Illness 

Mental illness and conditions have become a stigma, mainly due to people’s perception of them. For example, teenagers often resist taking professional help for their mental health due to the fear of being called “insane” or crazy.”

However, we also treat people with mental health illnesses in the most disregarding way. For example, people suffering from depression are often told to think positively to eliminate depressed feelings. However, we don’t know that it is not in our hands as depression and other mental illnesses are the same as any other illness for which it is essential to see a doctor. 

Teens should be encouraged to see their school counselor and ask their parents for a visit to a psychiatrist. It is us, we parents, who can eliminate the social stigma attached to mental illness, especially among teenagers.  

Increasing Awareness About Mental Health

Increasing knowledge about mental health conditions 

We should make sure that our teenagers have ample knowledge related to mental health illnesses. We should talk to our teenagers about mental health issues and how they can affect the life and achievements of one individual. Moreover, we should highlight the warning signs of such conditions as loss of appetite, being introverted when a person previously was very social, excessive sleeping, low academic performance, or constantly being in a bad mood. 

Supporting peers 

We should ensure that our children have enough knowledge to support their peers if they notice any sign of mental illness among them. For example, instead of bullying or calling them insane, they should ask peers to visit counselors or psychiatrists for proper therapy. Moreover, they should also protect their peers from being bullied or harassed, which can intensify their mental illness. 

Telling adults

Children must involve their adults if they suspect any sign and warning among their peers that can lead to suicide. However, adults should also not ignore such concerns for their children. We should take action at the moment and ensure to protect children in the best possible way. 


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