Start Your Uber For Massage App On Multiple Platforms

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Relaxing has become an essential part of our daily lives. A refreshing massage is a great way to ease tension and stress. No longer are people required to go to a spa or salon for a massage. Uber for massage allows users to get massage services right at their homes. The user needs to choose a time and place and will assign the massage expert within seconds.

Why would you use an Uber to massage?

It can offer this service online to increase your customer base. It will reduce the time it takes for customers to travel to their desired destination. They will choose the app over traditional methods of getting a massage. They can schedule an appointment in seconds, and there are no charges. The app will soon be available in the market with special referrals and rewards. An important advantage is responding quickly to customer requests via an app.

How to use an Uber for Massage app to get a massage:

To avail of massage services, there are ten steps that a user must go through. These are the steps:


Users will need to download the app and then register. After completing the authentication process, they will create a profile. They can then request the type and frequency of the message they desire. You can also use filters to find a massage service provider that suits your preferences.


The total rate will be displayed in the next step, and customers must accept the request. They can change the request, and rates will be adjusted accordingly. After confirmation, the massage therapists assigned will be sent to you.


They can also enter the date and time to request a schedule. Their profile will save the request. Massage therapists will then be assigned at the time and date specified.


The service provider can accept or reject users’ requests based on factors like distance, type, and fare.


Customers and therapists can see each other’s contact information. They can easily communicate with each other in the event of any questions.


Within minutes, the therapists will be at the customer’s location to provide the requested service. Customers can add extra services to the app, and they will be able to use it if necessary.


After the service is rendered, should make payment. Users can pay through the app with credit/debit cards or internet banking. UPI is also available. Cash is also accepted.


Both the users and service providers will need to rate one another. If necessary, may also offer feedback and suggestions.


Users could add therapists to their favorites list if they enjoyed the services provided. They can choose them to be their next service if they are available.


After deducting commission, therapists will receive the final payment upon successful payment.

The advantages of creating an Uber for Massage app

The app you develop for an on-demand company will offer you some advantages. These benefits are:

Increased customer base:

The app should be efficient, and the service you provide will increase the customer base quickly. Referrals and rewards are another way to retain customers over time.

Schedule appointments:

Therapists will be able to manage their appointments for the day quickly. The app also allows them to view their service history for future reference. To ensure they don’t miss any appointments, they will receive reminders.

Earnings history:

You can view the earnings of service providers/therapists in the app. They can keep track of their earnings by doing this.

Watch the process:

With the Uber massage app, the administrator can supervise the process effectively. They can view and modify data from users and therapists at all times.

The most important features of a massage application:

Like Uber, the Uber for Massage App has a few key features that make it simple to use. These features include:

Profile creation:

Users will be able to create a profile for therapists with a brief description. They can also fill in their name and contact number in the app.

Chat support and phone support:

Technical support is available 24×7. Customers can reach them via chat or phone using the app.

In-app live tracking:

After confirmation, users will be able to track the location of massage therapists live and contact them with any questions or concerns.

Secure Payment Gateways:

Can integrate secure payment gateways into the app. Customers can easily make payments with this feature.

Multiple app languages:

After registration is successful, the app may be viewed in any language that the user chooses.

Slider for Availability:

With the availability toggle in the app, therapists can show their availability.

Scheduling with a calendar:

The app includes a calendar that allows therapists and clients to view their appointments and make changes.


Administrators can control the price of the services provided by therapists. The administrator can adjust the price based on how much demand.


Administrators can also establish a percentage commission and subtract it from the final payment to the therapists after each service is completed.

Wrapping up:

Apps that meet all of the above requirements will be optimized and efficient. To develop a robust app that uses the most recent technologies and frameworks, you must hire the best app developer company. You should create an online app that works on multiple platforms. Also, ensure it’s tailored to your business needs. Online apps will help you reach your customers.

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