Some Secrets About RANGEXTD WiFi Range Extender

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Some Secrets About RANGEXTD WiFi Range Extender

If you want a stable WiFi network in long-area so that you can do your work online without any buffering. Then, you can use rangextd wifi extender. This extender is a wireless range wifi extender that extends the existing wireless wifi signal. It improves the router’s weak wifi network signal and it is an answer to a weak wifi network and interrupted internet. Ordinarily, the rangextd wifi range extender is a superior range extender because it covers a 1200 square feet area. This extender boost internet wifi network coverage and compatible with the router, access point, and all devices. It takes the signal from the existing wifi network and then regenerates the existing wifi network. Afterward, it amplifies the existing wifi network in the long-distance areas.

With the rangextd extender components like an ethernet cable, power adapter, USB cable, quick installation guides the RangeXTD wifi booster installation is effortless. It is easily connected to the phone, laptop, tablet, smart TV, desktop, game console, etc. It has a smart LED indicator that finds the best location with the intelligent signal indicator light.

Secrets about Rangextd wifi range extender

The rangextd range extender is a solution for the router’s weak signal as it delivers blazing wireless network transmission by using a dual-band. If you want to use this router well so that you can get a stable wifi network, then you need to know about its secret.

1.  Long-range wifi extender

The first about the rangextd extender is a long-range wifi extender. That means it delivers amazing wireless networks in the long-distance area. It extends the existing wifi network signal with its amazing wireless network. With the wireless signal, you can stream 4K videos without worrying about the weak signal. Apart you can play a gaming console with a stable wifi network. This wifi network extender utilizes dual-band technology, and it allows connect more devices simultaneously. With the rangextd wifi range extender wifi signal you can seamlessly enjoy a wireless network in a long-range area.

2.  Maximize performance with high-speed mode

The rangextd wifi range extender uses high-speed mode. It utilizes this model that provides a better wireless network in the entire home. If you want to play online games with your friends and family member then you can easily set high-speed mode. This mode allows you to stream, gaming and more. You can easily connect your mobile phone, tablet, computer, laptop, and other networking devices to the rangextd extender network, wired or wireless, and easily enjoy high-speed mode.

3.  Universally compatible

The rangextd wifi range extender is a better network device as compared to the wireless router because the wireless router covers only small home and office but the rangextd extender long-area home, office, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping mall, hotel, and other. This wifi range extender is compatible with all wireless routers, access points, modem, gateway, and other network devices. You can easily make a wirelessly or wired connection with the range extender. To connect the computer/laptop, mobile phone to the rangextd network turn on the wifi in your device and find out the rangextd wireless network name. Afterward, click the tab “click”. Then, it asks security key, you can locate the security and input the password in the security column. In the end, you can click the button “connect” to make a wireless connection.

4.  Intelligent signal LED indicator

The rangextd wifi range extender has an LED indicator this indicator helps to find out the optimum location through the home. This indicator indicated various colors if the LED flashes red light that means the connection is no connection between your wireless router and range extender. You need to place the rangextd extender closer to the standard wifi router. If the LED indicator flashes green light that means the connection is good, you can seamlessly share long files and also download long files from the web.

5.  One-button setup

The main secret of the rangextd wifi range extender is a one-button setup. You can easily set up the extender by using the WPS button without which web address. For this, you can find out the rangextd extender WPS button. You can easily find out the WPS button on the top side of the extender. You can also set up the range extender from the web browser while using the rangextd IP address.

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